Ballpoints / Classic Click or Twist

Size: 5 1/2" long x .50" dia.
Refill Style: Parker©
Finish (either version): 24k Gold, Chrome, Gunmetal, and Brushed Satin.

The CLASSIC is know by two different names. It was originally called the "American Classic", then later on they shortened the name simply to CLASSIC. It wa originally only available as a CLICK pen (known as the "American Classic Click"). But then later, they came out with a TWIST version, and that's when they shortened the name. If you're familiar with the termiology, then the difference is obvious. If not, it's the difference in the way you retract the tip. With the CLICK, you PUSH DOWN on the the very top of the pen to extract the tip. With the TWIST, you simply twist or rotate the top section counterclockwise to retract the tip. The Click was harder to make because you had to make sure the diameter of the upper end of the barrel section was small enough so it didn't bind or get scratched when the pen was clicked. When clicked, the upper section came down over the lower section. So the diameter of the barrel was important. But in my opinion, it also made for a bit of an odd looking shape with that narrow upper end. But with the Twist, the barrel was slightly larger so it didn't look quite as odd, but personally I still didn't like it. So I did a little tweaking of my own to make a pen that I thought was much better looking. See the CHROME CINDER Twist pen at the bottom of the page (while I was at it, I also swapped out the clip for a different style.

Classic Click

in 24k Gold & Carmine Acrylic
in 24k Gold & Verde Acrylic
in 24k Gold & Maple Syrup Acrylic


Classic Twist

in 24k Gold &
Molten Metal Acrylic
in Chrome & Dk/Lt Green
Aqua Bright™ Acrylic
in Gunmetal &
Stablized Redwood Burl
in Brushed Satin &
Amboya Burl

Custom Classic Twist
One of the things I like to do is to take a standard pen kit and see how I can customize it. The Classic is sort a bland looking pen, and as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I didn't like how thin the top of the barrel was on either of the pens. Because of the way the pen mechanism works, you can't change the diameter of the barrel section on the Click pen, but you can change it on the Twist version. So I thought it would be a good canidate for a little tweaking to show the version I thought it should be. Below are two such versions, each with different alterations.


With this Twist pen, I simply used a different style clip (called Euro).
I like the longer straight style clip rather than the standard teardrop.

In 24k Gold & Key West Sunrise Italian Acrylic
Size: 5 1/5" long x .50" dia.
Refill Style: Parker

Size: 5 1/5" long x .50" dia.
Refill Style: Parker

Size: 5 1/5" long x .50" dia.
Refill Style: Parker


With this Twist pen, I used another style clip (called Sierria), but I also make the barrel diameter at the top to where it matched the diameter of the centerband. The original design called for the top end of the barrel to match the inside diameter of a short recess in the inside bottom of the band. I made the barrel larger, and added a short tenon that fits up inside the bottom of the band. I think the thicker barrel make a big difference in how it look (IMHO, definately an improvement). I think this clip fits the pen nicely too.

In Chrome & Cinder Meganite Acrylic
Size: 5 1/5" long x .50" dia.
Refill Style: Parker