Actually, there is no "US". It's just ME! I'm located in the United States, but I ship pens all over the world. If you want to contact me, simply send me an e-mail. I personally do not like CONTACT PAGES, so you won't find any here. They usually ask for information you may not want to give, or you can't include information you may think is important. I also don't use any clickable email links. It's not safe anymore to use e-mail address links inside a web page because the link (or the email address in just plain text format) can get picked up by web crawlers--you know, those little "bots" that scour the Internet-- so I don't use email click links either. All the email addresses you'll find listed on my website are actually graphics (pictures) of the address rather than text so those bots can't pickup them up. So if you want to contact me, I'd prefer that you just send a simple e-mail using your preferred e-mail format. That way you can included any information you want me to have. So where ever you are in the world, if you want to contact ME, just use the e-mail address below and I'll get back to you promptly:

How to Place an ORDER....
If you see a pen you like, and would like to inquire about an order, again, just send me an e-mail. If you want a few details about what information I might need for an order, such as having a custom styled pen made, or how to choose custom materials, please see this link: