Solid Black Pelikan Replica Desk Pen Base

Made for the clients Vintage Pelikan desk pen.

This Desk Pen Set was made to fit a vintage Pelikan desk pen the client already had. He sent me the pen, and I created the base and funnel, fitting the funnel to the pen, and replicating the base from photo's.

The base was cut and formed from a larger sheet of solid black Inlace Acrylester acrylic, while the funnels were made from solid black Acrylic Acetate.

Base Specifications:
Color / Material:
Solid Black Inlace Acrylester Acrylic.
Size: 6 5/8" wide x 4" deep x 3/4" thick.
Color / Material: Solid Black Acrylic Acetate.
Funnel: .5625" dia. x 2.50" long.

Pen Information:
Pelikan Desk Pen.
Length: 7.875".
Diameter: .4565".

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