Custom Fountain & Rollerball Desk Pen Set
Solid Black Acrylic Pens & Funnels with Natural Black Walnut Wood Base.

The BASE on this Desk Pen Set was made from Black Walnut salvaged from trees in the community where I live. During one of our bad spring storms several years ago, the high winds brought down two large black walnut trees. I was lucky enough to be driving by as they were just cleaning up, so I stopped to ask if I could have a log or two. Before I was out of my truck, they nearly had the back of my truck fully loaded. After splitting the logs and adding end-grain sealer, I stored them in dry location for several years while they dried out. The largest log measured about 20" across the center, and the grain is nice and straight. As you can see in the base, it has a beautiful straight and consistent grain. The edge profile used is similar to one found on photo's of a Cross base I found online. It has a small 1/8" cove on the top edge, then a 15 degree reverse chamfer. The profile was cut in two separate steps: the cove was created using the top part of a Freud triple beading bit (cut first), with the reverse chamfer cut last on the table saw.

The pens and funnels were made from solid black acrylic acetate. The swivels are chrome plated. One pen is a fountain fitted with a small #5 steel nib, while the other pen is a roller-ball fitted for a Pilot G2 refill.

Fountain Pen Specifications:
Solid Black Acrylic.
Length: 6.0".
Diameter: ..47".
Nib: #5 Polished Steel Meister (Jowo).
Roller-ball Pen Specifications:
Color / Material:
Maple with Natural finish.
Length: 6.0".
Diameter: .47".
Refill Style: Pilot G2..
Base Specifications:
Color / Material:
Black Walnut with gloss polyurethane finish.
Size: 9 " wide x 3.50" deep x 7/8" thick.
Funnel: .60" dia. x 2.75" long.

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