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Natural Cherry - Slimline Ball-point Desk Pen.
With 2.75" diameter solar powered calculator.


This Desk Pen Set was made from solid Cherry. The base was made by cutting and gluing a single long narrow piece into a "Book-match" pattern. Book-matching is the term used when you edge glue two pieces of wood so that the adjointing pieces mirror each other in appearance. The book-matching here allows the lighter sapwood frame the piece.

The base is only 3/8" thick with a single front-mounted foot so that it raises the base at an angle so it's comfortable to use. Several coats of a wipe-on polyurethane were added to protect the wood and enhance the contrasting light and dark wood-grains.

The calculator sits in a 3/16" recess turned into the base on the lathe. The pen holder is 24k gold to match the pen finish.

The slimline ball-point pen was made from the a single long strip of cherry so the wood-grain matches the full length of the pen. The wood was finished with a coat of heat-set HUT Crystal Coat for long lasting protection.

Pen note: because of the pen holde used, this style desk set can only be ordered with the ball-point shown.

Pen Specifications:
: Slimline twist ball-point.
Color / Material: Cherry with Clear heat-set finish.
Length: 6.75".
Diameter: .44".
Refill type: Cross.
Base Specifications:
Color / Material:
Cherry with Clear polyurethane finish.
Size: 4.50" wide x 6.0" deep x 3/8" thick.
Calculator: 2.75" dia. x .375" thick.
Pen Holder: .50" diameter 24k gold.
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