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Combustion Alumilite - Fountain Desk Pen Set.
with custom style base & banded funnel.


This custom Desk Pen Set was made from some acrylic called ALUMILITE that I special ordered from Jonathon Brooks. If you don't know Jonathon, he's one of the premiere custom pen blank makers and is known for his beautiful Alumilite colors. I referred to the color as FIRE, but Jonathon's official name for it is COMBUSTION.

I first contacted Jonathon to ask if he could make the large custom sized slabs I needed to make my desk pen bases, and he was more than willing to work with me to make the size I needed as well as the matching pen blanks. But, as it turned out, that was the easy part-- the hard part was deciding what color to order! After looking over many of his own projects, I chose this FIRE (the name he gave to the color) for my first Alumilite desk pen. As with many acrylic colors, the photo's don't do justice to how beautiful the material is.

The base & funnel on this desk pen are new styles I've been working on. The base starts out as a square slab cut into a triangle, then after a center hole is drilled, it is CAREFULLY mounted and shaped on the lathe. The funnel is the first funnel that incorporates metal bands. The top cap (the part above the thin band) was turned separately. After most of the main funnel section was shaped and finished, the band and cap were installed. The inside was drilled for the pen after all the funnel parts were assembled.

Pen... John made double length pen blanks, so I took advantage of the long blanks and turned the main section of the pen from a single piece of Alumilite, leaving only one joint between the barrel and front-section for inking the pen. As is, it accepts either a cartridges or converter.





Pen Specifications:
Length: approx 8.375".
Diameter: (widest) .46".
Nib: #6 2-tone Steel Meister.
Weight (w/o ink): 14.4 gms.
Inking system: cartridge/converter.

Base Specifications:
Size: Approx 5" x 5 " x 1.25" high.
The turned piece is only about 3/8" thick.

Funnel Specifications:
.62" dia. x 2.25" long.
Funnel Bands: top is 2mm wide.
the bottom looks like separate bands divided by a black acrylic band, but it's actually a single .375" wide band. The lower section is about 3/16" wide, and the upper section about 3/32", with a painted black enamel band between them.

Click each photo for larger views.

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