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Natural Mahogany - Ball-point Pen & Pencil Desk Set.


This Pen & Pencil Desk Set was made from solid Mahogany with a hand-rub natural finish. Most items you'll find made from mahogany, or with a so called 'mahogany finish' will have a very dark nondescript look. That's because the wood used (whether mahogany or something else) had been layered with several coats of various dyes and stains to create an immediate look that is otherwise created naturally over time. But while that gives immediate satisfaction, it actually covers the natural beauty of the mahogany that will now never be seen. These mahogany pieces have been finished with a transparent hand-polished finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood and will allow it to develop that rich deep finish on it's own over time.

The pen and pencil were made the same size, so their orientation in the funnels can be adjusted left or right to suit the users preference. Pen & Pencil Desk Sets can be ordered in a variety of woods or acrylics.The base size can be adjusted to suit the user. If you would be interested in ordering a Pen & Pencil desk Set, or have any questions, please send me an email.

Pen Specifications:
Length: 6.75".
Major Diameter: .48" (centerband).
Style: Twist Ball-point.
Refill type: Cross.
Base Specifications:
Size: 9 " wide x 2 1/4" deep x 3/4" thick.
Funnel: approx .58" dia. x 3.25" long.
Pencil Specifications:
Length: 6.75".
Major Diameter: .48" (centerband).
Style: Twist.
Refill type: 0.7mm lead.
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