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Natural Hard Maple & Black acrylic fountain desk pen.
With maple triangle pillow-top base.


This Desk Pen Set was made from natural hard maple with solid black acrylic accents. The prominent features of this set is the pillow-top triangle shaped base, and the embelishment on the pen top.

The base was turned from a solid 5" x 5" x 1.25" thick block of maple. Several coats of a wipe-on polyurethane were applied for protection and to enhance the wood grain.

The pen is a combination of maple and black acrylic, and was fitted with a medium-point 2-tone Meister nib. The maple was finished with HUT heat-set Crystal Coat for long lasting protection. I thoguht the combination of the light maple wood with the black acrylic accents created a unique desk pen.

As with all my custom pens, a similar desk pen can be ordered on request. It can be ordered with the same materials or I can help you create your own unique piece using a combination of other materials.

Pen Specifications:
Color / Material:
Maple and Black acrylic.
Length: 7.75".
Diameter: .53".
Nib: Medium point Meister nib.
Fill type: Cartrige/converter.
Base Specifications:
Color / Material:
Maple with clear polyurathe finish.
Size: approx 5" x 5" x 1.75" high.
Funnel: Black acrylic with 24k gold swivel.
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