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Custom Hand-crafted Fountain Pens:
All JEB's PENs custom fountain pens are hand-made on a wood-lathe using conventional hand-held wood turning tools and a variety of man-made acrylics and/or natural woods. All pens are made-to-order and can be order in any of the styles or materials shown or as a joint collaboration to create your own unique and personal one of a kind writing instrument.

Standard style pens... most of the styles are made as cartridge/converters (c/c), and include a steel Meister nib (#5 or #6); one converter; and two disposable cartridges. 14k or 18k gold nibs are available on request.

Additional inking options... Many of the pen styles can be upgraded to button or piston fillers at an additional cost. Most pens can also be converted to be used as Eye-droppers (aka 'ED's') at no charge. ED conversions will include an O-ring fitted to the section to create an ink-tight seal between the barrel and section so the conventional messy use of silicone grease to seal the section threads is not necessary.

Materials... Available materials include several types and grades of acrylics, with some pen styles now available in wood with acrylic accents. The pens shown are samples of some of the materials that are available. Pens can be ordered in your choice of materials and colors.

A few words about my custom fountain pens and how they are made:
As stated above, all pens are hand-crafted on a wood-lathe using conventional hand tools. Each part is hand-turned, polished and fitted to create an individual one of a kind custom pen. Because each part is individually made, one pen can be slightly different from another. Every effort is taken to minimize the variances within a style, however this makes each pen unique, as well as allows me to vary the size and style of each individual part to suit a specific need. So if you have a special size or pen style in mind, I would be please to work with you in creating your one of a kind pen. More details on my pen-making process and shipping & warranty information is available on my information page.

Most pens are make-to-order only. I normally do not make and stock pens for immediate sale, but I do try to stock a small supply of some of the most popular acrylics, and try to keep within a reasonable delivery schedule. The pens shown can be ordered with the material shown or in your personal choice of acrylics or woods. If you see a pen that interests you and you'd like to order one, please contact me for material availability, delivery schedule and prices. If you don't see anything that interest you at the moment, please check back later-- I'm always working on something new!

Site navigation... Clicking on each pen below will open a new page that includes size and style information as well as photo's of the pens in other materials. I've tried to include enough photo's to have a good representation of each style. But if you have any questions about any of the pens or the pen making process, please don't hesitate to inquire.

Pen Props! Keep your pen from rolling... click to view.

OR try my Pen BUTTON's ... click to view.

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Available Steel
nib tip sizes:

I now have Italic
nibs in two tip sizes:
#6 nibs:
1.1 & 1.5
#5 nibs:
1.1 & 1.4
#5's also now
Now a total of
SIX tip sizes to
choose from!

Size 6 nibs
now available
in Black Oxide


Pen Clips
Want to design
your own Pen?
Check out the
styles available.
Click HERE

Latest Pen
Styles added:

NEW Styles:
Multi-accent band
JEB's Duro

Kula Midi

Tortoise Shell

Blk-Yel Ebonite.
Bronze Pearl.
Retro Gold.

Pink Ice.

Stormy Nights.

Nazca Lines:
Cranberry Red
& Solid Black



Clipless Fountain Pens
(Click the photo's to view more pens)


Full Size Fountain Pens
(Click the photo's to view more pens)


Check out the new
Banded version !
  This pen also in a
Banded version !

We have several ink filling systems!
C/C's ~ Eyedroppers ~ Button Filler ~ Piston Fillers!

Check out the new
Banded version !
Available Clip OR Clipless & New MAGNUM size !

Fountain Pens with Accent Bands
(Click the photo's to view more pens)
Nazca Lines
Ngadi Nuptse JEB's Duro
with Genuine Swarovski Crystals!    

You can also now order these styles with accent bands: Kea ~ Kamet ~ Manaslu


2-tone Fountain Pens
(Click the photo's to view more pens)


Smaller Midi size Fountain Pens
(Click the photo's to view more pens)

Nazca Jr.
Putha   Kula


Mini / Pocket Fountain Pens
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Other (one time) Projects




Custom Desk Pens!
Fountain, Ball-point or Roller-ball pens.
Available as single / double or pen/pencil sets.
Choose one of the styles shown, or design your own!
---Click the photo's to view more styles---
To place a custom order for any of the pens, for yourself or as a gift,
please contact me at

For help with your Fountain Pens on replacing cartridges, filling pumps
or general fountain pen maintenance, visit:

...---... ...---... Fountain Pen Help Line ...---... ...---...

For pricing, shipping and warranty information: see here.

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