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Custom Button-filler fountain pens:

About the button feature...
Ever since I was able to make a fully custom fountain pen, I wanted to go further with some alternate filling systems. I considered a lever filler, but found the levers weren't readily available, and were too hard to install the parts by hand (but I'm still trying!). So I decided to try a button filler. After several attempts I had a prototype, and then a few samples that I sent to a few friends to give them a test run. After some thorough testing, I happy to say that they are now available and most of my pen styles can be ordered with this feature.

The button filler feature can be added to most pen styles that use the #6 nib, however the feature doesn't add to the length of the barrel (the length is still approx 3 1/4" (from the front of the threads to the end). It does however add a little weight to the back end of the barrel because of the internal parts (sac and pressure bar) and the filler button blind cap.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information about this new feature, please contact me.

Button Filler Demonstrator

In order to ensure the button filler parts operated properly, I created a clear
demonstrator barrel so I could see the pressure bar in operation.
After a little tweaking, it was perfect!

This pen used an acrylic button. I also have BRASS Buttons!

I also tried my hand at making a BULB filler - check it out here!

Here are a few of the button fillers.
Click the pictures to see more details of each pen:
Clear Demonstrator - I call it
the "S&T" for Show & Tell.
Black-Gray Crush Nazca
Cranberry & Black Nazca Lines
Black-Gray Crush Nazca
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