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Dhaulagiri Custom Fountain Pens:

Named after the 7th highest mountain on earch, the Dhaulagiri is so named because in Hindu it means "Dazzling, Beautiful mountain". And I think you would agree is a fitting name for this pen once you see the unique acrylic accented cap bands, the most prominent feature of the Dhaulagiri.

Styling... I tried to use a 3-color theme for this pen, by using a multi-colored material for the barrel, then picking out individual accent colors from it to use on the cap and center-band. I pull a major color to use for the cap, then a second accent color to use for the cap band and section. This is a great style that could allow anyone to come up their own special color combinations for a one of a kind custom pen. Use the same 3-color theme or use your imagination and come up with something altogether different.

This pen comes standard with a #6 Steel Meister nib in your choice of three finishes (2-tone, polished steel, or Ruthenium), and six tip sizes (x-fine, fine, medium, broad and 1.1 and 1.5 italic). The tear-drop style clip is also available in a variety of finishes to match the nib. The pen can be ordered with either a fine triple lead threads or a coarse single.

Click on each of the photo's to view additional photo's and individual specifications.

Brimstone w-silver
Light Blue

Yellow Jacket
Clipless Brimstone w-red
Clipless Purple Alumilite

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