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Manaslu Custom Fountain Pens:

So named for the twin tapered points or peaks on either end, this pen is one of the newest pens in the lineup. It is named after the volcanic Twin Peaks Mountains on Northern Vancouver Island in Southwestern British Columbia. It is the eigth highest mountain in the world.

The Manaslu is a shorter styled pen at about 5 1/2" long, but similar in diameter to the other larger pens. But the most prominent feature would be the exterior mounted antique gold "Art Deco" styled clip and matching gold accent ring above the grip. The finer (triple-start) threads help complete the pen and give it a refined feel. It comes with a #6 2-tone finish steel nib in your choice of fine, medium, or broad tips and can be ordered in your choice of standard acrylics.

Click on each photo for additional photo's and specifications.

CS Heather
with wide Cap Band
Duofold Orange
Basic Black
Snowflake Blue


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