Dira Custom Midi Size Fountain Pen

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bout the Name:
This pen got it's name from the DIRAN a mountain in the Karakoram range in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. This 7,266-metre (23,839 ft) pyramid shaped mountain lies to the east of Rakaposhi (7,788m). Diran was first climbed in 1968 by three Austrians: Rainer Goeschl, Rudolph Pischinger and Hanns Schell. Earlier attempts by a German expedition in 1959 and an Australian expedition in 1964 were unsuccessful. To read more about mount Diran, click here: As you can see, I dropped the "n" on the end of the name (it's not a typo!). I did so because I'm trying to use only names that end in "a" for my midi pens. Since I ran out of actual mountain names that end in 'a', I had to start getting creative to come up with new names.

Dira Dimensions, Features and Options:
The Dira is another pen that falls into the Midi or JR size category. It has an overall length of a little under 5 1/2" with a maximum cap diameter of 9/16" (at the base), and a maximum barrel diameter of about 1/2". The most prominent features of this pen would be its small compact size, the short pyramid shape at the ends, and the pinched clip with working roller-ball. Because of its small size, the pen is very light. The section is fitted with a smaller #5 size nib, that is a perfect size for the smaller pen. The pen is only available as a cartridge/converter (C/C). The barrel is too short for a Button-filler, and too thin to add the o-ring for an eyedropper.

I also offer a variety of hand-made Pen Props and Pen Buttons. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained or dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens.


Blue Pinstripe Acrylic
Solid Black Acrylic