Custom Faux Bulb-filler Fountain Pen - in Faux Casein & Black Acrylic.

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About this Pen and Material:
This was another special order pen. The customer originally wanted the Bulb-filler I made, but I didn't have the correct style of nib feeds to make another one. So I made the same style pen, but made it as a standard cartridge/converter. It even includes a place to store a spare inside the faux bulb cap. The Cap will post over the faux bulb cap just like the original (note: the photo of the posted pen is the original bulb filler--I forgot to take a post photo of the new one).

This material is called "Faux Casein". It's called "Faux" because it's not real Casein, but actually an acrylic made to look like Casein. If you don't know what Casein is, it's an early form of acrylic made from milk curd. Somehow, during the process, it creates a thin pinstripe pattern in the cured material. I've never seen real casein like this, but I have used some in a different pattern. The shaving coming off genuine Casein actually smells just like powdered or heated milk.

This Pen's Specifications:
Material/Color: Faux Casein & Black acrylic.
Length: Capped = 5.876" / Uncapped = 5.3125".
Diameter: Cap (top/base) = .513"
Barrel front = .5135" / rear = .50".
Nib: 1.5 italic 2-tone steel #6 Meister.
Ink system: Cartridge/Converter (C/C).