Custom sized Mini-Lhotse clipless Fountain Pen - in Light Sapphire acrylic.

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About this Pen:
Like many of the pens, this one was a special order, with the client wanting a specific size and shape. Because of the size, we call this one a "mini" Lhotse. It has the same cigar style shape, but in a much thinner diameter. And rather than the gradual taper, it has a straighter profile along the length. In order to get the pen as thin as it is, I had to use a slip-fit on the section because the diameter was too small for threads. But it has a nice tight fit and works well. It was hard to tell the size of the pen, so I added the penny for size comparison.

About this Material:
The material used on this pen is a standard acrylic acetate. The pattern is called Crush. The color Sapphire. If the color sound familiar, it's because it's actually the same "Sapphire Crush" used on another Lhotse, but this batch was a much ligher color.
So to better identify the color, I call this one LIGHT Sapphire.

Pen Specifications:
Color / Material:
Light Sapphire acrylic acetate.
Length: Capped = 5.18" / Uncapped = 4.90".
Diameter: Max (middle) = .45" / Ends = .41".
Section Diameter = .334"
Weight: Opps! I forgot to weight this one!
Nib: Meister #5 2-tone steel.
Filling System: C/C.