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Nanga - Unique Forward-thread Fountain Pen
Also available in a new MAGNUM size !

Pen Style... The unique forward mounted threads on the Nanga allows it to have a nice free flowing style. The smooth transition across the front-section and barrel allows it to have a smooth and graceful flow along the entire length of the barrel. The design also allows some flexability in the diameters so it could be adjusted to fit small or large hands. As with most other JEB's PENs, the Nanga can be ordered in any of the materials shown or your material of choice. The pen includes a steel Meister nib in your choice of finish and tip size.

Target Specifications for the Nanga*
Length: Capped = 6 " / Uncapped = 5 1/4".
Diameter: Barrel = .62" / Cap = .64.
* Each pen is turned and shaped by hand, so the specs may vary slightly from pen to pen.

Pen Name... If you are familiar with my pens, then you probably know I derive the names from Wikipedia list of the worlds tallest mountain peaks. This pen follows in that tradition by being named after the Nanga Parbat mountain peak. The name "Nanga Parbat" means "Naked Mountain" with Nanga specifically meaning "naked". Since this pen appears to be absent or "naked" of any barrel threads, I thought Nanga would be a very appropriate name for the style. If you wish to read more about the Nanga Parbat mountain peak or about any of the other pen names, you can read them on my Pen Names Page.
Click the photo's below to view details of the Nanga features:

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