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Crystal Ngadi custom fountain pen.


About the pen... The idea of this pen started out as a more understated looking pen, but after making the prototype, I thought it needed more. I originally designed it as the wide "cap" band being it's most prominent feature. I also originally planned it to have a second smaller band at the very front of the section, but after making the initial prototype, I thought it needed a little something different. I finally got the idea to add the crystals. At first I though of adding it to the clip, but that's been done already. I finally came up with the idea of adding a large crystal to the finial, then instead of adding the section band on the section, I'd add a smaller crystal on the surface of section right in line with the top of nib. In that location it allows you to admire it while you're writing.To add a little more uniqueness, I moved the wide band to the BARREL instead of the cap. Here, it's centered on the length, when the pen was capped. Lastly, as you'll notice, I decided to make the initial series all in SOLID COLORS so the band and crystals would be prominent and not get over shadowed by the material (you can still order one in the material of your choice, but I think the crystals look best with the solid colors). I think in combination, all the features create a unique fountain pen, and I hope you will agree.

Specs... I originally planned to size it similar to most of my other pens, but in the end decided to go a little smaller. The length is around 5.75" (barrel 3.0", cap 2.75"), and the major diameter (at the band) is .563". The pen uses a #6 nib, which can be ordered in six tip sizes.

Colors... I'm planning to create an initial series of the Ngadi that will consist of SIX different colors: Black/Gold; Navy/Gold; Light Blue/Gold; Urushi Red/Silver; White/Silver; Mandarin Yellow/Silver. It use to be that solid colored acrylics were hard to find. But these days, you can get pretty much any color you can think of. So picking out the first six colors to use was a little challanging. But I think I put together a nice group that best show the features of the pen (see below). I'm also considering using other crystal colors with the other acrylic colors. If you'd like to know what other (solid) color acrylics might be available, please send me an email. You could, of course, also use a mixed color of your choice, if those are more your preference.

Inking options... So as not to alter the look of the pen, this one is only available as a c/c or eyedropper. I've been working on a LEVER pen for quite a while, but it's been challanging to get a nice fit for the lever box when cutting out the slot by hand.

Click the photo below to see additional photo's.

Black / Gold
Baby Blue / Gold
Navy / Gold
Urushi Red / Silver
White / Silver
Mandarin Yellow / Silver

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