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Nuptse Custom Fountain Pens:

NOTE: This pen is similar in style to the NAZCA. It was first made as a special order and resized from the origninal NAZCA. But although the overall shape looked much like the Nazca, it didn't have that halmark tall finial anymore. It was suppose to be a JR, but didn't have the Jr clip either. So after getting additional requests for the pen, I decided to break it out and give it it's own name.

About the name... The Nuptse (pronounced "Nep' tuse") is named after the Nuptse mountain in the Jhumbu region of the Mahalangur Himal, in the Nepalese Himalayas. It lies two kilometres WSW of Mount Everest. Nubtse is Tibetan for "west peak", as it is the western segment of the Lhotse-Nubtse massif. The summit of Nuptse is extremely dangerous due to loose snow with a lot of hollows, and there are also weakly attached cornices of snow. This provides a barrier to climbing, yet is not sturdy enough for safe climbing.

For more information about Nuptse mountain visit:

About the pen... The most prominent feature of the Nuptse is the multiple accent bands placed throughout the pen. The pen has a overall length of 5.75" to 6" depending on the number and layout of the cap bands. The pen can be ordered with the bands in multiple configurations, and with your choice of standard clip finishes (24k gold, chrome, or Gunmetal (aka black chrome). It comes fitted with #6 nib in your choice of polished steel or 2-tone finish and six available tip sizes: x-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1 and 1.5 italic.

Click on each photo for additional photo's and individual specifications.

Nuptse Pens
Fire-Lake Lava Explosion
Amalgum Mutt Acrylic
with Gold-tone Hardware

Opal Pearl Amalgum Mutt
Acrylic with
Silver-tone Hardware

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