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(Pocket Fountain Pen)

NOTE: Originally, this pen was just to be an exercise to see if I could make such a small pen, but it has become such a popular item that I decided to add it to my line-up permanently. The colors shown in the pens below are only samples of some of the available acrylics. Just like most of my other custom pens, you can order the PFP in your choice of acrylic. Ordering information is listed below. Scroll down to the bottom to see photo's of other acrylic colors that have been made.

Design Idea... OK, I'll admit, it's not a totally new design, but rather my take on a current one. You see, I have a Stipula Passaporto, and I LOVE IT! In my retirement years (from my OLD 9-5 job), I'm not a suit and tie guy much anymore (only an occasional sport coat), so I need a fountain pen that travels well with casual clothes. Clip pens are OK if I have a shirt pocket or I'm wearing a sport coat, but I don't always wear those. I use to carry one of the original "Bullet" pens (a stubby football shaped ballpoint). But being into fountain pens, I wanted a portable fountain pen that I could easily carry AND use. So I checked out a few different styles (there aren't many), and ultimately purchased a Passaporto. It didn't take long to fall in love with it. Besides being handy, it's also a great conversation piece. So whenever I pull it out of my pocket, it stirs a conversation about pens and gives me a prefect segway into a sales pitch! But what I hate (and it always comes up), is when people inquired about the Passaporto, and ultimately ask if I made it. Of course I have to say no, but I hated saying it. Not a good answer from a custom pen maker. So after having to say that too many times, I decided I needed to come up with a substitute. Something that was a more suitable calling card to show my wares. So this is my take on the Passaporto.

What's in a name... I had a little trouble coming up with a name using my standard naming scheme (using names from the worlds tallest mountain peaks). I wanted it to reflect the style of the pen, but also wanted it short to reflect on the pen. Looking through the list of (mountain) names, there just wasn't anything that fit. So I had to come up with something different, but one that would still fit and be easily recognizable. After carrying it around in my pocket for a few days, it finally hit me, and I had the perfect name-- The "PFP" (short for "Pocket Fountain Pen").

OK, it may sound a little lame at first, and not very imaginative, but it fits and after a while sounds kind of catchy. If you don't like it, and think you can come up with a better fitting name, I'm listening. BUT-- It has to fit within the parameters: short and descriptive to the style.

Options & order parameters.. As with most of my custom pens, the PFP can be special ordered in your choice of materials, colors or patterns. The pens shown here are merely examples of what could be ordered. Most pens shown are either samples or pen previous clients have ordered. So if you have a favorite color or pattern you would like to use, please contact me to discuss your preferences.


Pens can be ordered in your choice of acrylics, or now in a wood & acrylic combination. If you have something specific already in mind, let me know. If you would like to review the colors and patterns that are available, I can forward you links to the suppliers that I use to review what is available.

Inking system... When I first introduced the PFP, I offered it in a choice of inking systems. I've since found that most clients would prefer to have the various inking options available to them, so instead of an either or option, the PFP's come with a standard setup for using either a standard 1 1/2" long (Short International) disposable cartridge, or as an eye dropper (direct filling method) with the front section fitted with an o-ring.

Converter options... For a while, I was including a customized mini piston converter, but the company recently switched manufacturers and changed the specs slightly. Apparently one of those changes was to the opening (that fits onto the nib housing nipple), so not it no longer fits the #5 nibs securely. As a result, I had to discontinue using them. But as Seinfeld was fond of saying, things always even out. I recently found a mini squeeze converter that will work, but it's slightly longer than the piston converter. So if you order the longer 2" barrel (instead of the standard 1 1/2"), you can use the squeeze converter. So if you would like one of these included with your pen, let me know when you place your order, so I can make the appropriate changes.

NOTE: Due to the cost of the squeeze converters and since not everyone will want one, in order to keep the price of the PFP as low as possible, I am offering the squeeze converters as an upgrade option, so there will be a slight upcharge when they are requested.

A little helper included... I've made mention elsewhere on my website and in emails to clients that a long needle syringe can be a very helpful tool to have on hand when filling a fountain pen. I use to use them many year ago to fill the ink cartridges for my computer printer. I eventually gave that up, but I kept the syringes (they work great for small gluing applications in the workshop). Then when I got into pen making, I found them useful for filling fountain pens and would always recommended them. But now instead of just recommending them, I decided to stock some and include one with the mini pens. So if you order a PFP, it will include a long needle 5ml volume syringe.

Nib size (updated)... To keep the pen as short as possible, I've elected to use the smaller #5 steel nib. If you prefer the larger #6, it can be ordered, but the pen cap must be made longer (by 1/4") to accommodate it. For the standard #5 nib in polished steel, 2-tone, or Ruthenium, you now have a choice of SIX different tip sizes: EF (extra-fine), fine, medium, Broad, and 1.1 or 1.4 Italic. You can choose from either , and in your choice of polished steel, 2-tone, or Ruthenium finishes. The Ruthenium is a dark black-chrome like finish. If you want something out of the ordinary, I also offer a perforated steel nib that can add a sleek modern look to the pen, but it is only available in a medium tip. See the Rainbow Swirl PFP below for a photo of that tip.

Thanks for taking a look! If you'd like to investigate ordering a PFP for yourself or as a gift for someone, please send me an email to discuss your options.

This information was last updated: August 2013.







Below are some examples of the various materials you could choose for your pen.

These are examples of previous materials used.
You can select any of these materials or custom order the material of your choice.

Click the photo's for additional information and more photo's of each pen.



Solid Black
Blue Marble
Cats Eye




Yellow Jacket
Cranberry Red




Rocky Road
Orange Crush




Black/Gray Crush Acrylic
Rainbow Swirl Aqua Bright
Black M3 Lava




Smoky Quartz Custom
Teal Tempest Flat-end
Pink Ice Flat-end




Clear Acrylic with
Kryptonite Accents
Clear Acrylic with
Yellow Jacket Accents
Clear Acrylic


Wood and Acrylic PFP's


Coral (wood)
Black Walnut (wood)


To custom order these or any other custom pens for yourself or as a gift,
please contact me at



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