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Solid Black PFP with a CLIP!
Pen Specifications:
Color / Material:
Solid Black Acrylic Acetate.
Length: Capped = 3.83" / Uncapped = 3.52" / Posted =5.37".
Diameter: Center = .63" / Barrel end = .50" / Cap end = .50".
Weight (capped w/o ink): 15.1 g. / .53oz.
Nib: Perforated Steel #5 Meister.
Clip: Nickel plated 1.34" long.

Description... I know, I've said it before, but there's just something about a black pen! I think the dark solid color helps to show rather than hide the lines of a pen, so I like to use it for mocking up new pen styles. This one was made to see if I could add a clip to the PFP while retaining the same specs of the standard clipless PFP.

Why... I'm always up for a challange, and I've had a few inquiries asking if I ever considered a clipped version of the PFP, so I decided it was time to see if I could. I knew adding the clip was possible-- all it takes is extending the cap to accept the finial and threads. BUT-- what I preferred was to be able to add the clip while retaining the exact same specs as the standard PFP.

As it turns out-- It worked! Well, sort of. I kept the specs the same as the original, with a slight change to the shape. I had trouble with the small size of a rounded finial, so in order to pull it off, I made it flat and stout rather than having it thinner and rounded. That gave me a little more material to work with for installing it with my big fingers. To keep the symmetry, I added the same treatment to the end of the barrel.

Clips... NEW - Now the same LOUIS style clip is available in a 24K GOLD finish!
I had a reason for choosing the LOUIS clip. I have a similar gold deco style clip that Bexley uses for their similarly styled Jitterbug, and if someone wants a pen with a gold clip that's certainly an option, but I choose to use this clip for it's stiffer S-shaped style because I thought it would hold up better to being clipped to and unclipped from a pants pocket (like the thick seams you would find on a denim pocket). I think the turn up nose on this clip better suits the demands of thicker type materials you'd find on a pant pocket.

NIb and Inking... As with the original PFP the pen is only available in a #5 nib, and it's made to be used with several inking systems: a) with a standard disposable ink cartridge; b) as an eyedropper (direct filling) with the included o-ring that securely seals the front section to the barrel; and c) a new addition-- if your a bit squeamish about filling the pen directly-- a supplied custom-made mini-converter that give you the security of a catridge while still using your favorite inks.

Materials... As with all my other custom pens, you can choose from any of the materials shown throughout the website, or a custom color or pattern that may want to use. If you want something different, but not sure where to find it, let me know and I'll supply you with a list of suppliers and the pen blanks they offer. There are more than 1,000 colors and patterns available!

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