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Pink Ice flat-end PFP

Pen Specifications:
Color / Material:
Pink Ice Alumilite acrylic.
Length - Capped = 4.15" / Uncapped = 3.87" / Posted: 5.635".
Diameter - Center = .60" / Barrel end = .60" / Cap end = .60".
Weight (capped w/o ink) = 17.0 g. / .60 oz.
Nib - #5 2-tone steel Meister.

Click each photo for larger view.

Custom features... As with most of the pens shown on my website, this pen was a custom order, and, like some of the custom orders, the client likes to add his/her own twist or ouches to the pen. This one was made with square ends, and a straight barrel with a step down to the posting threads, instead of the standard taper. As a result, when the cap is posted, you have an even transition from the cap to the barrel, so when it's posted, the joint looks the same as it does when the pen is capped. It also has a slightly longer 2" barrel to match the cap length, instead of the standard 1 3/4".

About the material... Although this material is Alumilite, which is usually very nice material to work with, the maker added a small bit of string that was laced with gold thread. Unfortunately the string and acrylic didn't bond very well together. As a result the acrylic would "pick" whenever you'd hit a large pocket of the string making it very challanging to turn and get a smooth finish. I was able to get nice posting threads on the end of the barrel, by filling in the voids with CA glue. As a result, we decided to use a different material for the section and capping threads. Dispite the issues, the colors and pattern is very dramatic, and the pen looks different depending on what side of the material you're seeing. So I took multiple photo's of the capped pen to show the different looks.

To custom order this pen or have one made to your specifications,
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