Ball-point Pens

The Ballpoint pens found on this page are made from KIT PENS. Just as the name susggests, Kit pens are made from pen "Kits" that include all the individual parts to make a complete pen. Using a kit, once you select the style and finish of the pen, you next choose the desired material, then install the internal brass tubes for the CENTERS (the main sections on the pen-- these can have one or two centers depending on the pen style) into the material. Then you mount the material on the lathe and turn the centers to the correct size and shape based on the kit used. Finally, the pen is assembled by pressing the metal parts to the centers. Then Vola! You have a completed pen! Shown below are the parts for a typical kit pen.

The advantage of a kit pen is that you have access to many different styles of pens as well as material that allow you to make a pen that suits your style. Since there are so many pen styles available these days, it's impossible to show a smaple of every one. The pens shown below are some of the more basic, but popular styles requested. If you're interested in ordering a kit pen and want to see the other styles available, send me an email and I'll supply you with a links where you can reveiw all the styles.

Anatomy of a Kit Pen:

  A - Brass Tubes.
B - Ink Refill.
C - Twist Mechanism.
D - Clip & Finial.
E - Centerband.
F - Nib.


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Mini Bullet Ball-point

Mini-Bullet - 3.80" long x .625" dia.
Available in Gold & Chrome finish. Also available with a STYLUS tip on the top!

Wall St II Ball-point

Wall St II - 5 1/8" long x .50" dia.
Available in a variety of finishes.

Polaris Ball-point

Polaris - 4 7/8" long x .60" dia.
Available in a variety of finishes.
Can be purchased separately or with a matching pencil.

Vertex Ball-point

Vertex - 5 5/8" long x .52" dia.
Available in a variety of finishes.

Longwood Ball-point

Longwood - 5" long x .45" dia.
Available in a variety of finishes.

Trimline Ball-point

Trimline / Saturn - 5 3/8" long x .45" dia.
Available in a variety of finishes.

Slimine Ball-point

Slimline - 5 1/8" long x .38" dia.
Available in a variety of finishes.

European / Designer Ball-point

European / Designer - 5 3/4" long x .52" dia.
Available in a varitey of finishes and with either roller clip (shown) or standard straight clip.

Cigar Ball-point

Cigar - 5 1/2" long x .57" dia.
Available in a variety of finishes including premium platings.

Classic American Click

Classic American Click or Twist - 5 1/4" long x .50" dia.
Available in Gold, Chrome, Gunmetal or Black Enamel.
Also now available in a Twist version in all finishes.

Princess Twist Pen

Princess Twist - 6" long x .60" dia.
Available in Chrome with white, pink or blue stones; and Gold with clear or red stones.
Shown: Chrome & Clear Stones in Silver Crush Inlace Acrylester Acrylic.

Shock Absorber Pen

Unique Shock Absorber Pen - 4 5/8" long x .56" dia.
Available with Gold, Gunmetal or Black Enamel Spring.
Shown: 24k Gold Spring and Expresso Granite Meganite™.

Custom Pen/Pencil Combo

Clear Custom Made Pen/Pencil Combo Pen - 5 5/8" long x .563" dia.
This is a custom made pen (not a kit pen). It was made with Clear
acrylic, and uses a Schmidt MDR4 internal Pen/Pencil Mechanism.
CLICK the PHOTO to view additional photo's and information.