Custom 2-in-1 Combination Pen & Pencil - in Clear Acrylic.

JEB's Custom Combo 2-in-1 in clear acrylic_overview
JEB's Custom Combo 2-in-1 in clear acrylic_tips extended
JEB's Custom Combo 2-in-1 in clear acrylic_nib removed JEB's Custom Combo 2-in-1 in clear acrylic_ink refill JEB's Custom Combo 2-in-1 in clear acrylic_eraser

This is a fully custom made pen-- NOT a KIT pen. It was made with Clear acrylic, and uses a special Schmidt 2-in-1 internal Pen/Pencil Mechanism (part # MDR4). After purchasing the mechanism, I had to work up a layout to determine exact measurements for each of the parts in order to be able to assemble the pen WITHOUT glues (I made the pen so it can be disassembled if necessary in order to replace the mechanism in the event that it breaks).

The pen works very similar to a standard TWIST STYLE ball-point pen: to use the pen, you twist it CLOCKWISE; to use the pencil you twist it COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. The PEN uses a standard "Mini" ball-point refill (Schmidt refers to them as a "D" refill). To replace the refill, you unscrew the nosecone, and then pull on the refill until it pops out. Then simply push in a new refill. The PENCIL uses standard 0.5 mm pencil lead. But it only accepts one piece at a time. To extract the lead, once it's in the pencil position, you push up on the lower barrel, pushing it slightly up into the upper barrel. That motion extends a small amount of lead each time. To install a new piece, you push the barrel up and hold it, then insert the lead and push it up into the mechanism. The pen also includes a replaceable pencil eraser at the top, and it includes a removeable cap to protect the eraser when not in use.

This pen was special ordered in the clear acrylic shown. But just like all my pens, this pen can be special ordered in the material of your choosing. If you'd like to order one of these pens, please contact me via email using the the email address at the bottom of the page, or the CONTACT US link at the right side of the yellow navigation bar at the top of the page. I'd be glad to talk to you about a pen!