Ballpoints ~ Longwood Twist
Longwood style twist ballpoint, main pic

Size: 5" long x .45" dia.
Refill Style: Cross™.
Matching Pencil Available: Yes.
Finishes: Premium 24k Gold, Chrome, Satin-Chrome and Gunmetal.

This pen is called the LONGWOOD for good reason. It's one of the few pen kits with a LONG section. The idea is to give you unobstructed pattern with your selected material. The kit comes with a short section of black acrylic for the lower piece (area below the band), but as you can see from the pen above, it can be replaced with the same material as the top to extend your material the full length of the pen. The Longwood is available as a matching pencil. The 24k Gold plating uses what is called "premium rack plating" to create a durable finish with a lifetime warranty.
Longwood style twist ballpoint, 24k-Gold, Canarywood
Longwood style twist ballpoint, Satin-Chrome, Turquoise Web acrylic
24k Gold &
Canary Wood
Satin-Chrome &
Turquoise Web Acrylic