Custom Desk Pens
Fountain pens, Roller-ball pens, Ball-point pens, & Pencils.
Available in Single or Double Pen Sets. 

Desk pens use to be a staple for anyone that worked at a desk and were available first as fountain pens, then later on with ball-point pens, or pen/pencil sets. But for some reason, they have faded away, especially the QUALITY desk pens, and particularly Fountain Desk Pens are now almost a thing of the past. But now you can have a quality desk pen again, AND have one in your choice of any of the three pen types or pencil, and have it made with your favorite wood or acrylic material. Below I've detailed pen types, current options, and material types available, as well as shown a few examples of sets made with the various materials.

Pen Types... Most of the desk pens that were last mass produced were made for ball-point pens or as pen and pencil sets. That was before the advent of the roller-ball. I offer desk pens in any of the three pen types: fountain, ball-point, or roller-ball, and as a single desk pen or a combination of pens or with a pencil. Bases can be ordered in any size configuration (as long as material is available), and with a variety of custom edge profiles.

Ordering Options... Ball-point and roller-ball pen sets can be ordered as single pens, or two pens in any combination, or as a pen & pencil set with a 0.7mm lead pencil. The ball-point pen and 0.7mm lead pencil have twist style mechanism, while the roller-ball would have spring loaded protruding tip. Just like the vintage sets, fountain pens are available as either a desk pen only (as shown in the top right photo) or as a conversion set that would include a full capped pen with the parts to convert it to to a desk pen (as shown in the bottom right photo) allowing full use of the pen in either configuration. The fountain pen funnels can be threaded or unthreaded (if you'll only be using it perodically, a threaded funnel is recommended in order to keep the nib protect from drying out.

Materials... As with most of my custom pens, you can order a Desk Pen in several types of acrylics, wood or wood/acrylic combinations (wooden fountain pens are made with acrylic inserts to accommodate the threads).

Acrylics... While the colors and patterns of acrylics are many, because of the standard sizes that are typically sold for making pens, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a material for your custom desk pen. So if you might be interested in ordering one, please review this additional ordering information at the link below that includes specific information on available materials as well as sizes and styles options for bases.

Additional Ordering Information... So as not to have this page too long, I've created another webpage with all the details
for ordering a desk pen. You can find that information here: DESK PEN ORDERING INFORMATION.

Shown below are a few Desk Pen examples:
You can click each photo to open a new page with specifications and additional photo's for each set shown.

Single Fountain Pen Desk Sets

Cranberry Red 
Acrylic Acetate
Desk Pen Set in Cranberry Red acrylic
Sapphire Blue
Acrylic Acetate
Desk Pen in Sapphire Blue acrylic
Golden Black
Inlace Acrylester
Desk Pen in Gold-Black Inlace acrylester


Maple wood &
Black Acrylic with 
Triangle Pillow Base
Desk Pen in Maple wood & Black acrylic
Fire Alumilite Acrylic
Triangle Pillow Base
Desk Pen in Fire Alumilite
Solid Black
Double Pen Base
for Pen/Pencil set
2-Pen Desk Ben Base in Black acrylic


snake_desk-pen-1 Snake Themed Fountain Pen
Unique acrylic with Snake scales
(click the photo's to open the page)

Set of three
Snake Themed Desk Pens
(click photo for
more info images)

Replica Vintage Desk Pens

Solid Black Base for
Vintage Pelikan Desk Pen
Solid Black Base for Vintage Pelikan Desk pen
Clear Pilot
Custom 74
Pen Base
Clear base for Pilot pen
Cross Style Walnut Base with Black
Acrylic Pens
Cross-style 2-pen Desk Set in Walnut & Black


Eversharp Skyline
Style Desk Pens
and Funnels
Eversharp Skyline Style Desk Pens with Funnels

Red Mazzucchilli
Eversharp Gold Seal
Style Desk Pens

Red Mazzucchilli Desk Pens

New graphic
Eversharp Style
Desk Set

Eversharp Desk Set

Ball-point Pen and Pen/Pencil Sets

Natural Maple
Slimline Pen & Card Holder
Desk Pen with card-holder in Maple
Natural Maple
Slimline Pen & engraving area
Maple Desk Pen Set with Engraving Area
Natural Cherry
Slimline Pen with Calculator
Cherry Desk Pen Set with Calculator
Natural Mahogany
Pen & Pencil Set
Mahogany 2-Pen Desk Set