Custom Snake Theme Desk Style Fountain Pen
in Juma Magma Dragon Acrylic.


About this Pen and Material:
This special order desk pen was made with a unique acrylic called JUMA. What is unique in this material is the Dragon scale pattern that runs through the entire blank-- all along the length and down into the center. Many blanks with this type of an intricate pattern are created with a foil or photo layer encased in clear acrylic. But somehow the pattern is actually part of the material. The color is a dark reddish orange they call MAGMA. (I also made a pen with another called Pink Dragon that you can view HERE). The customer wanted a pen that looked like one of her snakes (similar to the one shown above). Her final request was that the pen have a small cap just long enough to cover and protect the nib. To accomplish this, I added a short set of threads on the section collar for the cap to screw onto. The cap has a depth stop built-in so it can't be screwed on too far.

Although the pen appears to be fairly simple to make, it was quite challenging. The finished diameter is only 15/32" and it has a total length of nearly 9 3/4" including the nib (but less the small cap). The material she choose was 12" long--more than long enough--but a full 1" diameter (these blanks were actually marketed as pool cue blanks). So with the large difference between the blank and finished pen diameters, much of the time was just spent reducing the diameter of the blank. And because the pen was so long and thin, I decided the blank/pen would need some support as I slowly trimmed it down to size. So I reduced it in sections keeping the blank as large as possible and used a 'steady rest' for support starting at the tail-stock and shifting it as I worked the length of the pen.

New TAPERED Nib style... My nib supplier recently added a new sleek TAPERED style nib to his line-up that we though would look perfect on the pen. As the name implies the nib has a nice smooth taper and is devoid of any design or markings on the top surface. They smartly added the tip size letter on one side so as not to interfere with the sleek look. I though the nib kind of looks like a fang.

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: Juma Magma Dragon Acrylic.
Length: Capped 9.82" / Uncapped 9.63".
Diameter (max): Barrel .46" / Cap .56.
Nib: #5 Polished Steel Tapered Jowo.
Filling System: C/C.

snake desk pen_capped snake desk pen_uncapped snake desk pen_with ruler snake desk pen_close-up-1 snake desk pen_close-up-2

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