Jannu Custom Fountain Pen

Jannu main photo

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bout the Jannu:
The Jannu is named after MOUNT JANNU, the 32nd highest mountain in world. The official name of this peak is Kumbhakarna, and it is located in Nepal India (I didn't think "Kumbhakarna" wouldn't quite fit as a pen name). It's also called "Phoktanglungma" (still too long!), which literally means "Mountain with Shoulders". It is more notable for its climbing challenge as it's one of the hardest peaks to climb. For more information about mount Jannu, visit:

Jannu Style and Dimensions:
The most prominent feature of this pen is the two-tone color design. I thought the name fit because the style because the white finial on the red & white pen reminds me of a snow capped mountain. The Jannu has an oversized cap with a round finial and a tapered edge at the base that tapers down to meet the barrel. It's two-tone style is perfect for using your imagination and creating a pen with a unique color combination or just for adding a little flair to your pen. It's fitted with a #6 nib. Nib finishes available for STEEL nibs are: 2-tone, polished steel, Black Oxide (#6 only), or Ruthenium (#5 only). Current tip sizes are x-fine, fine, medium, broad, and two italics (1.1 both; 1.4 for #5 only, and 1.5 for #6 only).

Jannu Options and Upgrades:
Since the Jannu is fairly plain as far as hardware goes, you could upgrade it with a variety of accent bands at various location. The standard pen is a cartridge/converter (C/C), but could be ordered as an eyedropper, button, or piston filler. 14 & 18K Gold nibs are also available as a special order.

I also offer a variety of hand-made Pen Props and Pen Buttons. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained or dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens.

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Red & White Acrylic
Red and White Jannu link
Onyx and Sand Acrylic
Onyx and Sand Jannu link
Blue Smoke Erinoid
Blue Smoke Erinoid Jannu link

NOTE: If you like this style, but not wild about the accent colors, then you may also want to check out the LOA.
The Loa in the same style, but without the secondary accent color