Kula Custom Midi Size Fountain Pen - in Teal Tempest Acrylic.

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Teal Tempest Kula (capped) Teal Tempest Kula (posted) Teal Tempest Kula (uncapped) Teal Tempest Kula (close-up)
Sorry, I only took a couple photo's of this one!


About the Name:
This pen got it's name from Kula Kangri mountain. the mountain is claimed by many authorities to be the highest mountain in Bhutan* but this is disputed by others, who claim that Kula Kangri is wholly in Tibet. The first ascent was by a combined Japanese/Chinese team in 1986.[3] The mountain occupies two ranges, the Himalaya and the Bhutan Himalaya. To read more about mount Diran, click here:

*Bhutan (officially named the Kingdom of Bhutan) is a landlocked country in South Asia. Located in the Eastern Himalayas.

Kula Dimensions, Features and Options:
The Kula midi has several subtle features that blend together to create another nice little compact pen with several very subtle features. The pen has a average length of only 5 1/4". The cap diameter is just under 9/16", and the barrel is 1/2" behind the section. The section style is straight, but with a very slight taper front to back. The most prominent feature of the Kula you'll notice once uncapped is the forward thread design that's similar to the NANGA. But on this pen, the (single start) thread profile is more coarse, and only takes one full turn to install the cap. The section is straight and slightly longer in order to house the RECESSED nib--the nib is recessed into the section by about 1/4". And while most of the midi pens use the smaller #5 nibs, this one (like the Putha) was made to accept a full size #6.

As stated above, the Kula is fitted with a larger #6 steel nib, but could be ordered with a smaller #5. Finishes include a 2-tone, polished steel, or Black Oxide (replacing Ruthenium). Tip sizes available are X-fine, fine, medium, broad and Two italic sizes (1.1 & 1.4). The clip style shown on the BLACK pen is the available style and only comes in CHROME (the clip on the teal was supplied by the client). But if you want this pen with a gold clip, other clip styles are available. The current inking systems available for this pen are cartridge/converter (c/c) only.

I also offer a variety of hand-made Pen Props and Pen Buttons. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained or dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens.

About this Pen and Material:

This material is an Acrylic called "Teal Tempest". It consists of a transparent gray-blue with swirls of white. The material is one used by Dolce Vita in one of their custom pens. The pen was a custom order by a customer, and he supplied the clip shown. So this clip isn't available for ordering. If you want something other than the clip shown with the black pen, contact me for other available clips.

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: Teal Tempest Acrylic Acetate.
Length: Capped 5.235" / Uncapped 4.75" / Posted 6.0".
Diameter: Barrel (f/r) .50/.40".
Diameter: Cap (t/b) .50/.50".
Nib: #6 Black Oxide Steel Meister.
Clip: Formed steel w-chrome plating
(THIS clip not available--see above note).
Filling System: C/C.