Nazca Mini Custom Fountain Pen

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About the Nazca Mini:

The Nazca Midi is similar in style to the Nazca, but at an even smaller size than the Nazca Jr. so like the Jr, it carries the same name as its full size parent. The Nazca Mini came about from a customer that liked the old Waterman '55' pens and ask whether I could make a similar size pen. If you're not familiar with the Waterman 55, as you can guess from the 'mini' moniker, it's a much thinner pen compared to full size pens like the (full size) Nazca.

The Nazca is named after the flat-top mountains of the Nazca Valley in Peru. Although Nazca is actually the name of the VALLEY rather than the mountains, I thought it an appropriate name for this "Flat-Top" style pen. Historical buffs and Sci-Fi fans will know of the famous Nazca "Lines" found scattered across the tops of the flat mountains, as well as the many odd shaped skulls found in the region with the elongated craniums. So the exceptionally tall finial on this pen is a reference to the famous skulls, while the upgraded rings on the finial pays homage to the lines.

Nazca Mini Dimensions:
the length of the Nazca Mini is about the same as the Nazca Jr, but the diameter is much smaller. The Nazca Jr. has a cap diameter of about .58" (14.75mm), the mini's cap diameter is only . 51" (13mm). The Jr's barrel (max) diameter is about .47" (12mm), while the mini's barrel diameter is only .43" (11mm). But although the mini's size is small, it can be ordered with either a #5 or #6 nib (shown above with a #6).

As with all other JEB's PENs, the Nazca Mini can be ordered in a variety of materials. Choose from one of the materials you see on my website, or choose your own material to make the pen truly unique (if you email me I can send links for you to review the material available). The Nazca Mini can be ordered in a variety of inking systems. The standard pen comes as a Cartridge/Converter (C/C), or it can be upgraded to a button-filler or lever-filler (as shown above). The Jowo nib is available in steel, 18k and 14k, and in a variety of tip sizes (inquire for current availability).

Nazca Mini Options and Upgrades:
Due to the small diameter, the Nazca Mini can not be upgraded with metal accent bands. The lever and box used is an original Waterman.

I also offer a variety of hand-made Pen Props and Pen Buttons. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained and dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens.

Nazca Mini's

Blue Ripple
Ebonite Button-filler
Black-Gray-Crush Clipless Nazca Midi
Black-Gray-Crush Clipless Nazca Midi