Custom Fountain Pen with Silver Cap Band
in Blue Eyes Acrylic.

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Blue Eyes (capped) Blue Eyes (uncapped) Blue Eyes (close-up)


Blue Eyes (uncapped-2) Blue Eyes (close-up-2) Blue Eyes (clip close-up) Blue Eyes (band close-up)

About this Pen and Material:
This material is an Acrylic Acetate called "Blue Eyes". The pattern isn't unusual, but the combination of the pearl white and light blue with the silver accents creates a striking pen. The clip and band are both silver plated cast. I had the band custom made by a silversmith that specializes in pen clips and bands.

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: Blue Eyes Acrylic Acetate.
Length: Capped 5.90 " / Uncapped 5.0".
Diameter: Barrel .51" / Cap .575".
Weight: Capped 23.0g / Uncapped 9.6g.
Nib: #6 Polished Steel Meister.
Clip: Silver Plated Steel.
Cap Band: Cast Silver.
Filling System: C/C.