Crimson Crushed Pearl™ Bulb-filler Fountain Pen
with Clear Ink-Peek Window.

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Crimson bulb-filler (capped) Crimson bulb-filler (posted) Crimson bulb-filler (parts)


Crimson bulb-filler (uncapped) Crimson bulb-filler (close-up) The photo at the RIGHT
shows one of the two ink
windows (the other is on
the opposite side).
Crimson bulb-filler (ink-view window)

I also made this same style pen in an acrylic called "Faux Casein".
You can view photo of that pen here: Faux Casein Bulb Filler

About this Pen and Material:

Ink Filling System...
As the name suggests, a Bulb-filler pen uses a 'bulb' to fill the pen. It's a fairly simple concept-- you push the air out, and pull ink in. You squeeze the bulb to push out the air, then when you release it, the suction created by forcing out the air, brings ink into the reservoir. But for the system to work it has to be setup properly so that the ink you bring in doesn't just get expelled when press the bulb again. The solution to this is what is called a BREATHER TUBE. The Breather Tube creates an additional channel so that air is push out in one place (through the Breather Tube), and the ink is pulled in through a separate channel. So when setup correctly as the air forced out, it creates a suction that then pulls in the ink. While the style of this Bulb-filler is different from any of my other pen styles, the system can be used in a variety of other pen styles. So if you like bulb fillers, ask if the system can be used in the pen style you wish to order.

"Ink-peek" Window...
Another feature on this pen is what I call an "Ink-peek" window in the Barrel. It's a clear round window in the barrel that allows you to monitor the ink level. While most Bulb-filler have what is called an 'Ink-view' barrel, which is a section of the Barrel made of clear acrylic, the Ink-peek barrel has just two circular windows. This more subtle window allows the material to be the showcase of the pen instead of the window.

Easy Cleaning...
One of the complaints for some Bulb-filler pens is the ability to flush out old ink and/or clean the parts. This pen is made with a removable Section that seals to the barrel with a rubber o-ring. Simply unscrew the Section and you have full access to the ink reservoir for removing old ink quickly as well as thoroughly cleaning all the parts.

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: Main: Crimson Crushed Pearl™ acrylic /
Accents: Black acrylic / Ink Window: Clear Cast acrylic.
Length: Capped 6 3/8 " / Uncapped 5 7/8" /
Posted 6 3/8" / Cap only 2 1/2".
Diameter: Barrel .60" / Cap .60.
Weight (empty): Capped/Posted 22 gms / Uncapped 13.6 gms.
Nib: 2-tone steel #6 Meister.
Filling System: Bulb-filler. Can also be
ordered as standard C/C (cartridge/converter).