Nanga Custom Fountain Pen with Clip
in Conway Stewart Graphite Acrylic.

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Graphite Nanga w-clip_capped Graphite Nanga w-clip_uncapped-1 Graphite Nanga w-clip_closeup-1 Graphite Nanga w-clip_uncapped-2


Graphite Nanga w-clip_closeup-2 Graphite Nanga w-clip_ruler-1 Graphite Nanga w-clip_ruler-2

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bout the Nanga:
If you are familiar with my pens, then you probably know I derive the names I use from Wikipedia's "list of the worlds tallest mountain peaks". This pen follows in that same tradition by being named after the Nanga Parbat mountain peak. The name "Nanga Parbat" means "Naked Mountain" with Nanga specifically meaning "naked". Since this pen appears to be absent or "naked" of any barrel threads, I thought Nanga would be a very appropriate name for the style. If you wish to read more about the Nanga Parbat mountain peak or about any of the other pen names, you can read them on my Pen Names Page.

Nanga Dimensions:
The Nanga is now available is several size versions: Standard, MAGNUM, and Midi. The Standard size Nanga has a capped length of about 6" (152.5mm) and uncapped length of about 5 1/4" (133.5mm). The max diameters are barrel .61" (15.5mm) and cap .64" (16.25mm). The MAGNUM size Nanga has a capped length of about 6 1/2" (165mm) and uncapped length of about 5 1/4" (146mm). The max diameters are barrel .69" (17.5mm) and cap .73" (19mm)*. The Midi size Nanga has a capped length of about 5" (127mm) and uncapped length of about 3 11/16" (94mm). The max diameters are barrel .535" (13.5mm) and cap .55" (14mm).

*MAGNUM Cap diameter... The standard size for US made pen blanks is .75". But some European blanks are sized smaller at only 18mm (.71"), so the cap may have to be thinner based on the diameter of the material you choose. The .73" target diameter is based off the enlargement percentage of the standard size Nanga, but the difference is minimal and would not affect the overall look of the pen (some of the pens shown are under .73").

The unique forward mounted threads on the Nanga allow it to have a nice free flowing style. The smooth transition across the front-section and barrel allows it to have a smooth and graceful flow along the entire length of the barrel. As the different size versions show, the design also allows some flexibility in the diameters so it could be adjusted to fit small or large hands. As with most other JEB's PENs, the Nanga can be ordered in any of the materials shown or your material of choice. The pen includes a steel Meister nib in your choice of finish and tip size. The standard inking system is Cartridge/Converter, but if you like to use your pens as eyedroppers, you can order the Nanga with a special rubber o-ring that seals the section to the barrel so it can be filled directly with ink (not available for the Midi). The larger #6 nib is the best size for the Standard and MAGNUM, while the smaller #5 is required for the Midi. Nib finishes available for STEEL nibs are: 2-tone, polished steel, Black Oxide (#6 only), or Ruthenium (#5 only). Current tip sizes are x-fine, fine, medium, broad, and two italics (1.1 both; 1.4 for #5 only, and 1.5 for #6 only). 14 & 18K Gold nibs are also available as a special order.

Nanga Options and Upgrades:
The Nanga is another pen style that allows for a few upgrades and options. You could add metal accent bands to the base of the cap, or add a slot-mounted clip with a hidden ring (see the main page for a few pens made with this type of clip). The accent bands are available in several finishes (24k gold, nickel and Rhodium, and come in a variety of diameters with widths from 1 to 4mm (1mm increments). As stated above, you can also upgrade your pen with a 14k or 18k gold nib. For the fans of the Nanga MAGNUM, I also have a souce for the larger #8 nibs. However they are only available in the BOCK style nibs in 18k Gold or Titanium Semi-Flex. Contact me if you are interested.

Inking system upgrades... NEW October 2021: The Nanga is now available as a button-filler! The button-filler barrel is 1/4" longer than the standard barrel with a 3/4" long blind-cap. So now there are FOUR inking system options available: 1) the standard C/C; 2) Eyedropper with a custom fitted o-ring; or 3) Bulb-filler; 4) the new Button-filler.

Miscellaneous items... I also offer a variety of other items: a) hand-made Props and Buttons for pens as well as Cuff-links in a variety of styles. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained or dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens. The Cuff-links are available in a variety of styles and finishes and can be ordered with your choice of insets.

About this Pen:

This pen was made with a 'hidden ring' clip. The cap is made as one piece, instead of the additional separate finial. On a manufactured pen, the manufacturers will use a variety of press-in clips. But suitable press-in clips are almost non-existent for custom pen makers. So years ago, someone came up with the idea of modifying a standard 'ringed' clip and use it for a hidden ring clip. That is how I install the clips on my Nanga's. The ring is modified to make a TAB that fits into the slot, then secured on the inside with a brass dome-head allen screw. Some use a plug made from acrylic, then glue the plug up inside the cap against the tab. But I don't like to make anything permanent if I can help it, so I use a screw instead. The advantage of modifying a clip is that it open up more options for the clip styles--I currently have about four different styles that can be used.

About this Material:
This material is another original Conway Stewart (CS) crushed acrylic called 'Cerulean Blue'. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word Cerulean "describes the particular blue you see in the sky on a clear day". I think you can agree, it's an appropriate name for this partictular acrylic. The pattern is called CRUSH because it's made up of small "crushed" pieces of acrylic. Most crush acrylics such as this one, are made up of several different colors, but some can also be made up of a single color. The Cerulean is made up of two shades of blue chips mixed in a green turquoise base. The blanks are made by first crushing up the solid colors. Once crushed to an appropriate size, the chips are mixed together, then placed in a molde. Then the base color (here it's the green turquoise) is poured into the mold to fill-in the voids. In the early days, that was it. It was then left to cure. But these days the final step is to place the mold into a compression chamber, which draws out any air trapped between the chips.

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: CS Graphite Acrylic.
Length: Capped 5.94" / Uncapped 5.24".
Diameter (max): Barrel .61" / Cap .64".
Weight (gms): Capped 23.5 / Uncapped 12.3.
Clip: Chrome plated steel.
Nib: Smooth-face polished steel #6 Jowo.
Filling System: C/C.
Now available as a Button-filler!