Clipless Ngadi Custom Fountain Pen
in Winter Edition Ebonite.

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Winter-Ed Ngadi capped-1 Winter-Ed Ngadi capped-2 Winter-Ed Ngadi capped-3 Winter-Ed Ngadi uncap-1 Winter-Ed Ngadi closeup-1


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bout the Name:
The Ngadi (pronounced "N-ga'-de") is named after "Ngadi Chuli" (also known as Peak 29, Dakura, Dakum, or Dunapurna) is a high peak in the Mansiri Himal (or Manaslu Himal), also known as the Gurkha Massif, in Nepal. It is flanked by Manaslu to the north and Himalchuli to the south. Despite its top 20 height, Ngadi Chuli has only been climbed once or twice. The probable first ascent occurred in 1970. Hiroshi Watanabe and Sherpa Lhakpa Tsering, members of a Japanese expedition, climbed the east ridge and face. The first confirmed ascent, and as of 2014 the last attempt on the mountain, was in 1979.

About the Ngadi:
The idea of this pen started out as a more understated looking pen. But after the first prototype, I thought it needed something more. I originally designed it to have a wide "cap" band as it's most prominent feature, with a second smaller band at the very front of the section. But I wasn't satisfied with the prototype. I thought it needed a little something different. I finally got the idea to add a crystal. At first I though of adding just adding a single crystal to the clip. But that's been done already. Then I had the idea of adding a large crystal to the finial. Then instead of adding the band on the section, I'd add a smaller crystal mounted on the side of section right above the pinch and have it located in-line with the top face of nib. There, you could admire the stone while writing with the pen. Then to add just a little more uniqueness, I decided to moved the band from the base of the cap to the front of the BARREL, just behind the threads. With the band located here, it's centered exactly in the center of the capped length.
The initial reference pen is solid black with clear or diamond-like crystals. And while you could order the pen with a material pattern of your choice, I think it would look best in solid colors with a contrasting stone so the band and crystals show prominently and aren't over shadowed by the material. I hope you'll agree as I do that in combination, I think all the features create a unique fountain pen.

Other possible color combination for the Ngadi:
After researching, I found that there are quite a few color options available for the crystals-- I found several color charts with more than SIXTY different colors! While there are more crystal colors available than solid acrylic colors, I think there are enough material colors that quite a few combinations of stone & material colors could be put together. I listed a few other solid colored acrylic examples at the bottom of the main page. I think any of the colors would make a beautiful pen.

Ngadi Dimensions:
I originally planned to size the Ngadi on the large size, similar to several of my other pens. But in the end, I decided it would look better a little smaller. So the length is around 5.75" (barrel 3.0", cap 2.75"); and the major diameter (at the band) is .563". The band width is 3mm. The band and clip are available in 24k gold or silver-tone (chrome clip, Rhodium bands). The inking system for this pen is a Cartridge/Converter (only) with the larger #6 nib. Nib finishes available for #6 STEEL nibs are: 2-tone, polished steel, and Black Oxide. Current tip sizes are x-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1 and 1.5 italics. 14 & 18K Gold nibs are also available as a special order.

Ngadi Options and Upgrades:
I think the unique style of this pen stands on it's own, so it requires few upgrades or options. You could upgrade the nib to 14 & 18K Gold. And if desired, you could swap out the stock the band width for something thinner (1 or 2mm) or wider (4mm).

I also offer a variety of hand-made Pen Props and Pen Buttons. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained or dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens.

About this Pen:

The first thing you should notice about this pen is the way the material pattern matches across the cap and barrel. I was able to accomplish this because I had a longer piece of this material that was enough for both the cap and barrel. When using this type of blank (referred to as a 'double-length' blank) you measure off enough material for both parts (including mounting waste) before cutting. Then you make sure when the parts are mounted, they are oriented correctly so the pattern lines up again on the finished parts.

But the other piece of being able to have a matching pattern at the joint is using a separate piece of material for the barrel threads. You could drill out the barrel and glue-in another piece of the same material, but when possible, I like to to use a solid color. Then use the same color for the Section. For this pen, I elected to use a piece of navy blue acrylic that looked like it would exactly match the dark blue in the ebonite. I also elected not to use a clip, because I wanted to showcase the pattern, so I didn't want the clip to compete with it. Because of these choices, I considered making a Lhotse (similar but with rounded ends and the a bit more curve in the sides), but I thought the Ngadi shape with the flat sides and ends would better compliment the straight lines in the material.

About this Material:
This ebonite has an unusual name called 'Winter Edition'. It's made by NYH in Germany (NYH stands for New-York Hamburger). I don't know what the name implies (if anything). It's a combination of four to five colors: navy blue, dark red, light green, purple, and I think a little pink is mixed in. But NO black. Typically ebonite color combinations always includes a back base color, but the Winter Edition doesn't include any back. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but the mix of colors in just enough that any one color doesn't over power the others. You can see a sample of the rod here: NYH Winter Edition.

Please note: This pen is available FOR SALE, and will be a ONE OF A KIND.
Typically, most of the pens I post are pens that I made for customers. But once in a while I get to make one that isn't. This is one of those, but it is for sale if you like it. The material was a limited color, and I only had enough material to make one pen. But as of this date (March 2021), the supplier does have one more short piece that's enough to make another similar pen.

About the nib... Since the material ended up looking a little darker after it was polished, I decided to stay with the muted theme and use a slightly darker Ruthenium nib rather than a polish steel or gold. However the Ruthenium nibs are not available anymore. The tip size is medium and it too is the only one I have left.

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: NYH Winter Edition Ebonite.
Length: Capped 5.54" / Uncapped 4.93".
Diameter: Max .56" / Min .45".
Nib: Ruthenium Steel #6 Jowo.
Filling System: C/C.