Custom DOUBLE-END Clipless PFP (POCKET Fountain Pen)
in Tri-Color Transparent Alumilite Acrylic.

Style Note: Although this pen clearly is way TOO LONG to carry around in your pants pocket,
I decided to still call these Double-end pens a PFP because they're made in the same style.

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Tri-color Double-end PFP (capped) Tri-color Double-end PFP (with ruler) Tri-color Double-end PFP (uncapped-1) Tri-color Double-end PFP (uncapped-2)
Tri-color Double-end PFP (red cap-1) Tri-color Double-end PFP (red cap-2) Tri-color Double-end PFP (yellow cap-1) Tri-color Double-end PFP (yellow cap-2)

Specifications and material information about this pen are listed below.

About the Name:
I had a little trouble coming up with a name for this one using my standard naming scheme (names from the worlds tallest mountain peaks). I wanted it to reflect the style of the pen, but also wanted it short to reflect the pens size. Looking through the list of (mountain) names, there just wasn't anything that fit. So I decided I had to come up with something different, but a name that would still fit the pen and would be easily recognizable. After carrying it around in my pocket for a few days, it finally hit me, and I had the perfect name--
The "PFP" (short for "Pocket Fountain Pen"). OK, it may sound a little lame at first, and not very imaginative, but it fits perfectly and after a while I thought it sounded kind of catchy.

About the PFP:
Originally, this pen was just to be an exercise to see if I could make such a small pen, but once I showed it around, it was so well received (and desired) that I decided to add it to my line-up permanently. And as you can see from all the colors, it has since become one of my most popular pens.

Design Idea... OK, I'll admit, it's not a totally new design, but rather my take on a the old Stipula Passaporto. A friend sent me a Passaporto, and I fell in love with it! Now that I'm in my retirement years (retired from my OLD 9-5 job that is), I'm not much of a suit and tie guy anymore (only an occasional sport coat), so I need a fountain pen that travels well with casual clothes. Clip pens are OK if I have a shirt pocket or I'm wearing a sport coat, but I don't always wear those. I use to carry one of the original "Bullet" pens (a stubby football shaped ballpoint). But being into fountain pens, I wanted a portable fountain pen that I could easily carry AND use. So started looking around to see what was out there, and found their weren't many. I mentioned it to a friend and he told me about his Passaporto. It just so happened that he didn't use it, so he offered it to me. Once I started using it, it didn't take long to fall in love with it. Besides being handy, it's also a great conversation piece. So whenever I pull it out of my pocket, it stirs a conversation about pens and gives me a prefect segue into a sales pitch! But what isn't good, (and it always comes up), is when people inquire about the Passaporto, and ultimately ask if I made it. Of course although I hated to say it, I had to say no. Not a good answer from a custom pen maker. So after having to say that too many times, I decided I needed to come up with my own pocket fountain pen. Something that I felt was a more suitable calling card. So this pen is my take on the Passaporto. NOTE: Stipula has since changed their design and eliminated the posting threads on the barrel.

PFP Specifications:
The overall target specs for the pen are: 3.75" capped, 5.25" posted (with #5 nib). Maximum diameter is about .62". Because it's a hand-made pen, the specs can vary slightly based on the desired shape and hardware used. The standard PFP uses a #5 nib, but can be ordered with the larger #6 nib. However it will require a slightly longer cap. The barrel length can also be adjusted (longer) if desired.

Options & Ordering Parameter:
As stated earlier, the PFP can be special ordered in your choice of material, color or pattern. The pens shown here are examples of previously ordered pens, but most of the colors can also be reordered. As you can see from the examples below, the pen can also be modified in a variety of ways, allowing you to create your own unique one of a kind pen. Many of the alternate styles shown were custom orders from previous clients. So if you have a favorite style, color or pattern you would like, please contact me to discuss your preferences.

CLIP Version:
The PFP is also available in a Flat-top version with a sturdy CLIP that makes it handy for securing in a hip pocket, purse, computer bag, or knapsack. A few samples of the clip version is also shown below. Please note that the standard round-end style can not be ordered with a clip.

Inking Options:
The PFP was originally made specifically as an Eyedropper. It includes a special rubber o-ring on the section that seals the ink inside the barrel. The o-ring eliminates the need for using silicone on the threads in order to seal the barrel. However the pen is also made to accept a standard (short) disposable cartridge or a mini-squeeze converter. Each pen comes ready to use in any of the three inking options. It comes with a pair of disposable cartridges (one blue and one black), a mini squeeze converter, and several spare o-rings.

Other JEB's PENs Offerings...
I also offer a variety of hand-made Pen Props and Pen Buttons. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained or dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens. Other new items available are cuff-links and button covers. Both can be ordered with acrylic centers that match your custom pen.

About this Pen:

This pen is made very similar to the CLEAR Double-End PFP. The style and size are the same, but the material and NIBS are different. The nibs on the original CLEAR pen were the smaller #5 nibs, while the nibs on this pen are the larger #6 nibs. Just like the original clear pen, it was made strictly for using the short (standard) disposable cartridges. On the clear pen, I left a little gap between the refills, but I closed it up on this one. So this barrel is a little shorter. But the barrel holes can be drilled short so they can be filled with two different colors of ink as an eyedropper.

About this Material:
This material was special ordered from my friend Jonathon Brooks. The client wanted the transparent colors, but the supplier where I purchase my clear acrylic rods only makes EXTRUDED rods in the colors. And anyone that has tried to use extruded acrylic rods knows that it may look fine the day you make it, but then a day or two later, you'll find it has crazed all over. Jonathon had made some transparent green for me in the past, so I contacted him again for these colors. The client choose the colors he wanted from the extruded samples, and we sent those same photo's to Jonathon for making the new blanks. When I received the new blanks, the colors were spot on!

Working with Clear or Transparent Acrylics:
Contrary to what one might think, when you drill into these materials, you don't get a nice clean clear hole. It's quite the opposite! The hole is scared from the drill bit, and you have to take much care in drilling slowly and using plenty of lubricant in order to minimize the scaring. With practice, I've learned to drill with just some light scratches. But even those still need sanded away. And just like sanding and polishing the outside, you have to start with the right grit sandpaper, and then sand with progressive grits in order to remove the scratches and get a clean surface that will polish up well. I actually spend almost twice as much time just doing the inside sanding and polishing than the combined drilling turning/sanding/polishing the outside. But in the end it's rewarding to see the nice clear material. I've studied the video's online that show how to "flame" the acrylic to clean up the rough spots, but it never worked for me. I even even purchased a mini torch thinking that would work, but the material would burn or distort. So I gave it up and stuck with the progressive sanding.

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: Transparent Red, Yellow & Orange Alumilite Acrylic.
Length: Capped = 7.125" / Uncapped (both) = 6.50".
Diameter: Barrel = .62" / Caps (ends)= .567".
Clip: Nickel plated steel.
Nib: #6 Polished Steel Meister.
Filling System: Cartridge only.