Solano Custom Clipless Fountain Pen
in Moonlit Heather Acrylic
with Tangerine Acrylic Section.

(Click each photo to view larger views)

Moonlit Heather Solano capped-1 Moonlit Heather Solano capped-2 Moonlit Heather Solano capped-3 Moonlit Heather Solano capped-4 Moonlit Heather Solano uncap-1


Moonlit Heather Solano closeup-1 Moonlit Heather Solano uncap-2 Moonlit Heather Solano closeup-2 Moonlit Heather Solano ruler-1 Moonlit Heather Solano ruler-2

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bout the Solano:
This pen was suppose to be a one-time project for a new client. He sent me a photo of the style, picked out the colors and made the decisions on the overall size. But once the project was finished, I liked the pen so much that I ask him if I could add it to my standard line. He approved, so I decided to break away from my usual naming scheme and name this pen in his honor.

Solano Dimensions:
The client had the final call on the dimensions for the Solano, and after a few mock-ups we had the final overall size and shape nailed down. The pen is nice and hefty, but I think the dimensions are perfect for the large size pen, because it looks unique, but feels perfect. The shape has a nice feel in the hand and the pen is very comfortable to use. It has a capped length of about 6" (152mm), and 5 1/4" uncapped. The maximum diameter is a bit unusual at about .67" (17mm). at the joint, and tapers down to about .35" (9mm) at each end. The key to the design is the shape. It looks simple enough, but was actually very hard to achieve the subtle tapers to get the shape just right. The pen uses a 1" long straight style section with just a slight taper back to front that makes it comfortable to use. The acrylic center-band is about .14" (3.5mm) wide. The client wanted his band on the cap side, but the pen can be ordered with the band on the barrel side.

Whenever I have a new pen project like this that's for a new style, I first like to work out the initial shape and size of the parts using a drafting program. Then once the size and shape is established, but before committing to the final pen with any special ordered materials, I'll next make a solid black mock-up pen. The mock-up pen allows me to work on the subtle shapes of the parts, before committing to the clients pen. That way I can make any final adjustments that might be needed before making the clients pen. So the black and orange pen shown was the initial mock-up pen for this project. I like to use SOLID BLACK acrylic for the mock-up pens because it allows me to see the contours of the shape without having any interference from a colored pattern. But this style called for an accent color to be used for the acrylic accent band (on the cap) and section. so I used the bright orange crush so I had a high contrast to easily judge the width of the band. The "London Fog" pen was the material I ultimately used for the clients pen. The gray acrylic has a slight smoky transparency that allows a slight glimpse of the contrasting colored section through the cap while the pen is in the closed position. Look for more colors to come or choose your own custom colors.

This style pen uses a Cartridge/Converter inking system with the larger #6 nib. Nib finishes available for #6 STEEL nibs are: 2-tone, polished steel, and Black Oxide. Current tip sizes are x-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1 and 1.5 italics. 14 & 18K Gold nibs are also available as a special order.

Solano Options and Upgrades:
The unique style of this pen stands on it's own, so it requires few upgrades or options. One upgrade that the original client wanted was an accent band behind the section. I've also come up with one other upgrade that could be added--a HOODED nib. I've always been fascinated by the Parker® Nib Hoods. After searching for a few years, I finally found a source but after buying a few, I found they were too small for my larger pens. So I decided to see if I could come up with my own. After some trial and error, I can up with a hooded nib I could use wit a standard #5 Jowo, and it looks perfect on the Solano (see the Black & Orange pen page).

I also offer a variety of hand-made Pen Props and Pen Buttons. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained or dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens.

About this Pen and Material:

The material primary material is from the the Lava Explosion line of Alumilite. One of the main features of the Alumilite is the very brilliant colors. The Moonlit Heather is one of those that's just on the edge-- it's dark, but has a side wehre the colors (purple, copper and orange) really pop out and are nice and bright. The Tangerine accent color on the Section helps to bring it out the orange tones.

The nib on this pen is one of the new SMOOTH FACE steel Jowo nibs. It's void of the traditional scrollwork, and now looks very much like the solid gold jowo nibs. They are available in both All-Gold Steel as shown and the traditional Polished Steel.

This Pens Specifications:
Color / Material: Primary: Moonlit Heather Lava Explosion
Alumilite / Secondary: Tangerine Mono Swirl Alumilite.
Length: Capped 6.0" / Uncapped 5.27".
Diameter (max): Center .67".
Nib: #6 Smooth All-Gold Steel Meister.
Filling System: C/C.