'Kit' Style Fountain Pens

The fountain pens found on this page are made from KITS--commonly referred to as KIT PENS--just as the pens shown on the BALL-POINT & ROLLERBALL pen pages. If you are unfamiliar with Kit Pens and the difference between these and my other pens, please review the information on the Ball-point pen page by clicking: 'Other Pens/Pcls', then 'Ballpoints' from the drop down menu above.

The advantage of a kit style fountain pen (herein simply referred to as a "kit pen") over a full custom made pen (herein simply referred to as a "custom pen") would mostly be the lower cost. But there are other factors to consider as well. As you review the kit pens below as well as the custom pens, you will see that various styles of kit pens can have much more elaborate hardware (such as on the fancy Tycoon shown below). Unfortunately much of this hardware just isn't available separately to be used on custom pens. Another big difference between a kit and a custom pens is weight. Kit pens will always be much heavier because they have the heavier hardware, as well as the internal brass tubes glued inside the acrylic. If you like a very heavy pen, then you may want to consider a kit pen. But it's important to know that the pen styles are limited in the kit pens.

Another difference between kit and custom pens is usually in the quality of the nibs. I use a quality Meister or Franklin-Christoph Jowo style nib in all my custom pens, whereas the kit pens will usually have a lesser grade nib included. Also some nibs in kit pens are odd sizes, so they can't be swapped out with another brand of nib. Some good news though is that with the recent popularity explosion for all types of kit pens, some (but not all) of the kit pens now use a standard Jowo style nib--although still not the same quality--so the included nibs could be upgraded with one of better quality.

Click each pen below to view more pens of the same style.

PLEASE NOTE: The links for these pens only show larger photo's. These are just a small sample of the many Fountain
Pens available in KIT form. They are frequently adding new designs, so if you would like information on other styles currently available, or details on any of the individual pens shown below (such as size and available hardware finishes) please send me an email through the Contact & Info drop-down menu above far right.

Rhodium & Black-TN Tycoon in Cocobolo
in Rhodium/BlkTN & Cocobolo
Rhodium Tycoon in Faux Casein
in Rhodium & Faux Casein
Rhodium Tycoon in Galaxy Mist Meganite
in Rhodium & Galaxy Mist Meganite
Chrome Olympian in Blossom acrylic
in Chrome & Blossom Acrylic
24K Gold Olympian in Pink Ivory
in 24k Gold & Pink Ivory (wood)
24K Gold Olympian in Bloodwood
in 24k Gold & Bloodwood