When I was making KIT pens, they all had names. But when I started making my own custom fountain pens, all the parts were made from scratch, so they didn't have names. But I realized I needed to give them names in order to easily identify them. First it was just so I could name the web page I created so I could post the pen on the internet. So at first I was using the name of the material. But after I made a few pens that were different styles using the same material, I realized I had to come up with a better way of naming the pens. I also realized that if I wanted to make a variety of styles, I needed a naming scheme that I could expand on as I added various pen styles. So I started searching the internet looking at pens from various companies to see how they may have named their names. But it wasn't very helpful. Some companies seemed to use related names, while others seemed not to have any cohesion to their names at all. And that was my main criteria-- the names had to be connected somehow. I also wanted the names to be or at least sound somewhat exotic, rather than just having common names. So with those two standards in mind, I started searching the internet again for something that might spark an idea.

Then one day as I was scouring the internet, I ran across the name of a mountain on Logopedia that I liked. And as I started looking through all the names of the various mountains across the world, the idea started to come together. I decided I'd select the names from a lit of the highest mountain peaks on earth from a list I found on Most of the names were exotic (check #1). They'd have cohesion (check #2). And the list was extensive (check #3). So from this one category, I'd have a cohesive list of many exotic names to choose from-- checkmate!

The first name I choose was DHAULAGIRI. That name was definitely not common! The next pen I needed to name was the style I now call the NAZCA. I actually thought of Nazca because of the version I named Nazca LINES. I'm a sci-fi buff, and was watching a show about the Nazca lines of Peru, and I thought it would be a perfect name for the pen because of the rings on the "flat" top. Nazca isn't technically the name of a mountain though-- it's the VALLEY in the region. So I almost didn't use it. But the name fit the style of the pen so well, I decided to keep it. Eventually the names of some of my other pens veered away from the naming scheme, but except for those few exceptions, I've stayed firm with the naming scheme.


Below is a Current List of My Pen Names:

Name: Mountain: Listing: Pen Style:
Dhaulagiri Dhaulagiri I & II #7 Custom 3-color pen with matching acrylic cap band.
Nazca Nazca Valley NA Large flat-end.
Kea Mauna Kea NA Slim taper-end.
Loa Mauna Loa NA Fat round-end.
Lhotse Lhotse #4 Cigar style.
Asgard Asgard NA Round with inverted hour-glass style taper and flat ends.
Manaslu Manaslu #8 Large diameter, but shorter with a special over-mount clip.
Nanga Nanga Parbat #9 Round Pyramid finial with curvy barrel and capping threads on section.
Tirich Tirich Mir #33 Styled after a vintage Marlene Dietrich pen.
Kamet Kamet #29 2-tone flat-ends.
Jannu Kumbhakarna/Jannu NA Round ends with matching solid color finial.
Batura Batura Sar #25 Midi pen with barrel shaped ends.
KaTu K2 #2 2-tone round ends with solid color matching cap.
Trivor Trivor #39 Full size single color with barrel shaped ends & metal accent band.
Solano NA NA Large Canoe shaped pen with narrow acrylic accent band in center.
Ngadi Ngadi Chuli #20 Full size. Wide in center, tapers to narrow flat ends & crystal cap finial.
Nuptse Nuptse (also #20) #20 Midi pen styled similar to the Nazca.
Kula Kula Kangri #45 Midi pen.
Putha Putha Hiunchuli #95 Midi pen.
Dira Diran #93 Midi pen.
Mana Mana #92 Midi pen.
PFP NA NA Pocket pen styled after the Passaporto.
Pnut NA NA Pocket pen shaped like a Peanut.
Rimo Rimo #71 Barrel shaped pocket pen with flat ends. Forward section mounted threads.

I'm constantly making and posting new pen styles, so please stop by often to see my latest additions.

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