Keep your pens from rolling...
with a Pen Prop or Pen Button!

Do you like a clipless pen but hate when it starts rolling away when you sit it down? Then heaven forbid it should start to roll off onto the floor? Or are you just looking for something unique to add to your pen so it stands out? Then no more worries with a JEB's PENS Pen PROP or Pen BUTTON! Now you can be secure in knowing your pen will be safe while still displaying it proudly. Get a PEN PROP for every surface where you typically place your pen-- desk, dresser, counter or workbench; or to keep it stable no matter where you sit it down. Order one separately, or add one to your pen order!

About JEB's Pen Props...

The Pen props are made from acrylic and a variety of woods. Currently there are 4 basic styles: round, box, triangle and fancy. Finishes on the wood props are natural, painted, Transtint™ (a water-based dye). Natural, stained and transtint props are finished with clear lacquer coating to protect the underlying finish. Have a pen collection? Order a custom Mulit-pen Prop to proudly display your collection.

Specifications: All the Pen Props shown are 1 1/2" wide, but can be ordered in any custom width or for multiple pens to be use as a display rack as shown in the bottom photo. Height and thickness (measured front to back) vary by style. Standard round (actually half-round) are 3/4" thick and about 3/8" high. Large round are 1" thick x 1/2" high. Square is 3/4" thick and 5/8" high. Triangle is 1 1/8" thick x 9/16" high. Fancy #1 is 1 1/4" thick x 5/8" high. Fancy #2 is 1 1/8" thick x 5/8" high.

Cost: Please inquire for current pricing.

To view samples of the Pen Props, CLICK HERE or scroll down the page.

About JEB's Pen Buttons...

The Pen Buttons are available in a variety of styles and are permanently attached with a backer stud glued into a small (less than 1mm) hole. Typically the Buttons would be installed on the cap, but they could be install on the barrel as well if preferred. There are currently four different styles available (all shown below), with the glass bead style available in several colors. The specifications for each are shown with the photo's below.

Cost: Please inquire for current pricing.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information on a custom PEN PROP or PEN BUTTON, please e-mail me using the contact link above.

To view samples of the Pen Buttons, CLICK HERE or scroll down the page.

Pen Props:

Pen Prop style samples Pen Prop color samples
Current Pen Prop Styles. Pen Prop Sample Colors.

Fancy Wood in Green Transtint Fancy Wood in Blue Transtint Half-round in Red Transtint Half-round in Yellow Transtint
Fancy Wood #1
in Green Transtint™ Dye.
Fancy Wood #2
in Blue Transtint™ Dye.
Half-Round Wood
in Red Transtint™ Dye.
Half-Round Wood
in Yellow Transtint™ Dye.
Half-round in Flat-black enamel Large Round in Gloss Black enamel Half Round in Fruitwood Half Round in Mahogany
Half-Round Wood
in Flat Black Enamel.
Large Round Wood
in Gloss Black Enamel.
Half-Round Wood
in Fruitwood Stain.
Square Mahogany Wood
in Natural Finish.
Half Round in White-Marble Half Round in Black-Gray-Crush

Ordering a pen?

Order a Pen Prop
to match your pen!

Round Acrylic
in White Marble.
Round Acrylic
in Black-Gray Crushed.
6-Pen Fancy
in Pine w/Maple Stain.

Pen Props:

Silver Heart Pen PropSilver Heart Pen Prop (close-up) Silver Flower Pen PropSilver Flower Pen Prop (close-up)
Silver Heart Silver Flower
Silver4-Leaf Clover r Pen PropSilver4-Leaf Clover r Pen Prop (close-up) Bronze Turtle Pen PropBronze Turtle Pen Prop (close-up)
Silver 4-leaf Clover Antique Bronze Turtle
Blue Glass-bead Pen PropBlue Glass-bead Pen Prop (close-up) Amber Glass-bead Pen PropAmber Glass-bead Pen Prop (close-up)
Blue Glass Bead (several colors available) Amber Glass Bead (several colors available)