Thick-Lead Clutch Pencil Styles

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About the pencils... There are basically two types of mechnical or Clutch pencils-- THIN-lead, and THICK-lead. Thin-lead pencils are usually found in one of two lead sizes: 0.5mm, and 0.7mm (the number denoting the diameter of the lead), and are usually styled to match or mate with a pen. THICK-lead pencils on the other hand, as the term implies, have much thicker diameter of 2, 3 and 5.6mm, and are made for a different use. Rather than being used simply for writing as a pen would be used, the thick-lead pencils are typically used for drawing and "sketching" (as implied by the name of some of the styles). The styles of the thick-lead pencils are usally different as well. Mostly due to the much larger mechanism used, but some are also tailored to their intended use. They are popular with "sketch" artists as well as woodworkers for sketching or drawing out projects. There 2mm pencils sort of fall in the middle and could be used for either purpose. Some are styles like the thicker clutch pencils (shown here), and some are styled more like the thin-lead styles (shown on the thin-lead pencil page). Another big difference between the two types of pencils is that the thin-lead pencils don't need to be sharpened (which was their biggest marketing feature when were first introduced), whereas the thicker lead pencils require the lead to be sharpened in order to maintain a point due to their thickness.

Termonology... There is basically two different terminologies used for these pencils-- MECHANICAL and CLUTCH-- they're both technically the same and refers to their internal parts. MECHANICAL is more of a general term and is typically used to refer to the thin-lead pencils, CLUTCH on the other hand is more specific term that refers to the way the internal parts work. They use an internal "clutch" to extend the lead and then hold it in place. Clutch is also usually used to refer to the thick-lead pencils, and are the pencils shown on this page.

The thick-lead clutch pencils have been one of my most popular items. In the past, I was only able to offer two styles. But now over the last few years, their have been more styles and finishes being offered. So this is an all inclusive page that shows all of the styles and finishes of (thick-lead) clutch pencils that are currently available. However, although there are several styes available, as stated earlier, there are only TWO LEAD SIZES-- 3mm and 5.6mm-- and the size denotes the diameter of the lead used. Both 3mm and 5.6mm pencils are about the same length, but the 5.6mm pencils are thicker and heavier. I've also listed the 2mm pencil here as well.

Styles and finishes... The 3mm pencils are only available in ONE style, but they can be ordered in two different finishes: chrome or gold. The 5.6mm pencils offer a wider selection of finishes, and are available THREE different styles: Sketch, Deluxe Sketch, and Toolbox.

The difference between the Sketch and Deluxe Sketch is subtle, with the main difference being that the clip on the Sketch is a separate piece (a standard tear-drop ringed clip), whereas on the Deluxe it's incorporated into the main top section on the Deluxe Sketch. The Deluxe Sketch also has a little more metal at the top. But since the clip is a separate piece on the Sketch, it allows the pencil to be ordered clipless. I've converted a few of the Deluxe Sketch pencils to clipless for a few clients. But to do so requires manually cutting the clip from the rest of the top with a grinding wheel (while being very careful not to damage the rest of the top section). So if you'd prefer the larger pencil, but also prefer a clipless, you may want to consider the Sketch.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information about any of the pencils, please don't hesitate to contact me using the e-mail link in the main (black) navigation bar above.

2mm Knurled Top Clutch Pencils

Length: approx 4 3/4" / Dia: .60"max.

2mm Knurled Top in Chrome. 2mm Knurled Top in Gold.
2mm Knurled Top in Chrome
2mm Knurled Top in Gold
2mm Knurled Top in Gunmetal.
2mm Knurled Top in Gunmetal

3mm Mini Sketch Clutch Pencils
Length: approx 4 5/16" / Dia: .435" (straight) to .56" (wide center).

3mm Mini Sketch in Chrome. 3mm Mini Sketch in Gold.
3mm Mini Sketch in Chrome
3mm Mini Sketch in Gold


5.6mm Deluxe Sketch Clutch Pencils
Finished length: approx 4 3/8" (w/o lead) / Dia: approx .58".

5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in Chrome. 5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in BlackTN.
5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in Chrome
5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in BlackTN

5.6mm Sketch Clutch Pencils
Finished length: approx 4 3/4" (w/o lead) / Dia: approx .58".

5.6mm Sketch in Chrome. 5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in Gold.
5.6mm Sketch in Chrome
5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in Gold
5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in Gunmetal. 5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in Black Chrome.
5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in Gunmetal
5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in Black Chrome


5.6mm Toolbox Style Clutch Pencils
About the toolbox style pencils...
There are actually THREE different styles of the Toolbox clutch pencil. If you look closely at the photo's, you'll notice the subtle differences. The first two have squared off tops, while the other three have rounded tops like the Sketch pencils above. Also t
he first pencil has rings around the tip, while the others are all smooth.
5.6mm Toolbox w/top hex band
and smooth centerband in Chrome.
5.6mm (Artisan) Toolbox with two
hexagonal bands (top & center) in Chrome.
5.6mm HEX Toolbox with smooth band
5.6mm HEX Toolbox with hex band


5.6mm Round-top Toolbox Clutch Pencils

5.6mm Toolbox with THREE hexagonal bands in Chrome 5.6mm Toolbox with THREE hexagonal bands in Gold.
5.6mm HEX Toolbox in Chrome
5.6mm HEX Toolbox in Gold
5.6mm Deluxe Sketch in Gunmetal.
5.6mm HEX Toolbox in Gunmetal