Thin-lead Mechanical Pencils

If you're looking for my THICK-lead pencils, then click HERE.

Since CLUTCH pencils are one of my most popular items, I now have those on a separate page f. So if you're looking for those, please click the link above. This page is for the smaller 0.5 and 0.7 mm thin-lead mechanical pencils. I don't sell a lot of these pencils separately, but I do use them when making my Desk Sets. So I thought I should have a page giving a little information about them. The thin-lead pencils use the much thinner 0.5 and 0.7 mm lead, and are typically referred to as MECHANICAL pencils. You can get these in just about any of the kit styles that they offer for ballpoints. Suppliers are also constantly coming out with new pen & pencil styles, but they all use one of the two sizes of lead, and offer them in either a click or twist mechanism. So the pencils shown below would just be a few examples of what is available. For reference, I typically use the TWIST style mechanisms from the SLIMLINE kits for the pencils in my custom Desk Sets.

(Note: Some photo's can be click to see larger views)

.7mm Polaris Style Pencils

24k Gold & Redheart (wood)
Rhodium & B&W Blackwood
24k Gold & Redheart Polaris Rhodium & B&W Blackwood Polaris

.7mm Slimline Style Pencils

24k Gold Rhodium Gunmetal Black Enamel
24K Gold .7mm Slimline Rhodium .7mm Slimline Gunmetal .7mm Slimline Black Enamel .7mm Slimline


.7mm Executive Style Pencils

24k Gold Rhodium Chrome Gunmetal Black TN
24K Gold .7mm Executive Rhodium .7mm Executive Rhodium .7mm Executive 24K Gold .7mm Executive Black-TN .7mm Executive


.7mm Trimline Style Pencils .7mm 30 Caliber Style Pencils
Chrome .7mm Trimline Gunmetal .7mm Trimline
24k Gold Gunmetal
24k-Gold .7mm 30 Caliber Gunmetal .7mm 30 Caliber

.7mm Comfort Style Pencils

24k Gold Titanium Rhodium Black Enamel
24k-Gold .7mm Comfort Titanium .7mm Comfort Rhodium .7mm Comfort Black Enamel .7mm Comfort


.7mm Longwood Style Pencils

24k Gold Chrome Gunmetal
24k-Gold .7mm Longwood Chrome .7mm Longwood Gunmetal .7mm Longwood

2mm Thick Lead Click Pencils with Erasers
Since CLUTCH pencThe 2mm lead pencils kind of fall into the middle of the size category,
so you'll see these in both a mechanical style pencil and a clutch style pencil (see the
THICK-lead pencils for the 2mm CLUTCH styles).

(larger photo's are not available for these pencils)

24k Gold
24k-Gold 2mm Thick Lead Click
Chrome 2mm Thick Lead Click
Antique Brass
Antique Brass 2mm Thick Lead Click
Antique Pewter
Antique Pewter 2mm Thick Lead Click