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Vacumatic Inking System

I found a great little one-piece piston mechanism that I can use to add a piston-style Vacumatic inking system to a fountain pen, much like the one used by the former Parker Pen Company. The system is compact, allowing it to be used in most any pen. Even pens with a small diameter barrel.

The system requires two main holes: the upper for the rubber plunger to ride in, and the second for the ink reservoir. The mechanism screws into the back end of the barrel, and is easily removable for maintenance by unscrewing with a small hex wrench.

The only caveat to using it is that, due to the length of the exposed shaft, it requires a longer blind cap than a button filler barrel would use.

Click here to see a few sample pens and read more about the system. Or send a message or email if you’d like to use it in your next pen.

Vacumatic mechanism closeup
Vacumatic mechanism closeup

Looking for another type of inking systems? I also offer button, lever and bulb filler systems. Click here to view information about those systems: Alternate Inking Systems.

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