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About the JEBs Kea fountain pen:

While it wasn’t the intent, the JEBs Kea fountain pen has a style similar to the Sheaffer Balance. However, it’s longer and thicker than the largest Sheaffer Balance model (the Oversize). The Oversize is 5 5/8″ long, whereas the Kea is 6″. The Oversize barrel diameter is 33/64″, whereas the Kea’s barrel is 9/16″. The standard Kea comes without metal accent bands, but as you can see by some of the samples, bands could be added (see upgrades below).

The pen is named after Mauna Kea, one of the Hawaiian mountain peaks. While Everest is officially the highest mountain in the world, Mauna Kea, located on the island of Hawaii, is actually the tallest. It’s listed as the third tallest, only because most of it is under water and thus not counted in its total height. This pen was my first one with a pointed finial on the cap, so I thought the Kea name was appropriate.

The standard Kea has an average length of about 6″ capped and about 5 3/16″ uncapped. Maximum diameters are .60″ for the cap and 9/16″ for the barrel. However, it can be ordered in custom dimensions. Just take note that the cap uses a hidden ring clip, so if you want to go fatter, you may have to choose a different style clip.

The Kea is much like the Nazca and Kamet pens when it comes to upgrade options. It can be ordered in any of the materials shown, or you can select something unique to make the pen your own. Other option to consider are:

Metal band upgrade: You could add metal accent bands to the section or cap. The bands are available in 24k gold and rhodium and come in a variety of widths from 1 to 4mm (in 1mm increments). Also, as shown in one of the photo’s, you could use bands of multiple widths on the cap.

Clip and band finishes: The clip and bands are available in 24k gold or rhodium finishes. Bands come in widths of 1mm through 4mm in 1mm increments.

Nib options: The Kea comes standard with a steel #6 Jowo nib. Current nib finishes are polish steel (PS) and all gold steel (AGS). You can also upgrade the nib with a 14k or 18k gold nib. Both are usually available in gold and rhodium finishes.

Inking systems: The standard inking system is C/C (cartridge/converter). However, the Kea could be upgraded with a variety of inking systems. Choose from button, lever, vacumatic, or eyedropper. The eyedropper has a rubber O-ring fitted behind the section. The O-ring seats into a recess cut on the inside of the barrel threads, creating an air-tight seal.

  • Kea Fountain Pen in Purple Alumilite Acrylic
    Kea Fountain Pen in Purple Alumilite Acrylic

Miscellaneous items:
I also offer a variety of hand-made pen-related items. Pen Props, pen cap Buttons, Pen and Ink Trays, Cufflinks, and Button Covers. Use a Pen Props to display a pen or temporarily raise the nib. Order in a pen-matching material or a wooden style in a variety of finishes. Cap Buttons are small pieces of cap jewelry you can add to a clipless pen to keep it from rolling. Use a Pen & Ink Trays to display your favorite pen and ink. Trays are available in several styles and in your choice of natural wood. Cufflinks and Button Covers are timeless favorites that dress up a shirt. Order them in pen-matching material.

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If you need fountain pen maintenance help (cleaning, refilling, or general issues), please visit my “Fountain Pen Help Line” page. If you’re having a problem and can’t find a solution, use the contact form or send an email.

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