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About the JEBs Nazca:

The most prominent feature of the Nazca is its tall cap finial. On pens that use a ring-style clip, the finial is simply used to secure the clip. So I think it’s usually just treated as a necessity and not given much thought. As a result, most often than not, they’re not very tall. But the Nazca celebrates the finial, making it a tall, prominent feature.

Because the Nazca has such a tall finial, as you can guess, it’s a perfect part for adding something. Enter the Nazca Lines. The Nazca Lines is an upgraded version of the Nazca that features three accent bands on the finial. The finial is also a spot that could get a BCHR embellishment (see my BCHR-style pens for details).

The Nazca appears to have a straight shape, but both the cap and barrel are tapered. The cap is tapered just enough so as not to look blocky. The barrel has a slightly steeper taper and can be adjusted as needed. Thinner if you want the cap to post, thicker if posting is required. The section’s style is what I call collared. Named so because of the wide horse collar at the front. The maximum diameter is at the back, and it tapers to the smallest diameter behind the collar. The collar diameter is slightly smaller than the maximum diameter at the rear.

The naming scheme I follow is based on the list of the world’s tallest mountains that I found on Wikipedia (see mountain peaks by prominence). But at the time I made the decision to follow the list, I knew that sometimes I might want to use a different. The Nazca is one of those pens I had to go ‘off list’ for the name.

The Nazca is named after the flat-top mountains of the Nazca Valley in Peru. Although Nazca is actually the name of the valley rather than the mountains (the theme I usually use for naming my pens), I thought Nazca was an appropriate name for this “flat-top” style pen. Historical buffs and sci-fi fans will know of the famous Nazca ‘Lines’ found scattered across the tops of the flat mountains of Nazca, as well as the many odd-shaped skulls found in the region with elongated craniums. So the exceptionally tall finial on this pen is a reference to the famous skulls, while the upgraded rings on the finial pay homage to the Nazca lines. If you’d like to read more about Nuptse and the surrounding mountain peaks, visit:

Length: The maximum length of the Nazca depends on the version. The standard version is about 6 1/8″ capped. The clipless version is about 6″ capped. The Nazca Lines is the longest, coming in at about 6 3/8″. The uncapped length is about 5 1/8″ unless you order with a blind cap. With a blind cap, it’s a little long at about 5 1/4″. The length of just the barrel, from behind the threads to the end, is about 3 1/4″.

Barrel diameter: The maximum diameter of the barrel (behind the threads) is about 9/16″ and tapers to about 1/2″ at the end. The diameter at the end depends on the posting. If you want posting, the barrel has a steeper taper and a slightly smaller diameter at the end to fit inside the cap.

Cap diameter: The maximum cap will depend on the versions you order. The standard and clipless versions are about .61″ (15.5mm), which is a little larger than if you get bands on the cap. I usually use 19/32″ (.593) bands. If you order it with bands on both top and bottom, then the diameter is the same from top to bottom. Otherwise, I add a slight taper. If you order the standard or clipless versions without any bands, then the cap diameter could be adjusted larger if desired (I’ve made it as wide as 5/8″ at the base).

The Nazca is one of those pens that you can treat as a blank slate and dress it up to your liking. Dress it up with accent bands like the Nazca Lines version, or just add a few to the barrel for just a little bling. The Nazca is also the perfect style for the new BCHR-style embellishment. Choose one of my designs or create your own.

Thread styles: The Nazca can be ordered with one of two different types of threads. The typical 3-start threads, or a more coarse single start. Both types of threads have their advantages. The advantage of the 3-start threads is that they allow the pen to be capped with fewer rotations. The single-start threads allow more turns in a shorter length of threads, so the threads can be much shorter yet give you the same amount of cap rotations.

Inking systems: The standard inking system is a C/C (cartridge/converter), but you could upgrade the Nazca with any of the inking systems. The systems currently available are: button filler, lever filler, bulb filler, and vacumatic. Please inquire if you’re looking for a different system.

Nib options: The pen comes standard with a steel #6 Jowo nib. Tip sizes are x-fine, fine, medium, broad, and 1.1 & 1.5 italic. Finishes currently available are polish steel (PS) and all-gold steel (AGS). 14k and 18k gold nibs are also available.

Standard Nazca:

  • Nazca Fountain Pen in Kryptonite Acrylic
    Nazca Fountain Pen in Kryptonite Acrylic

Nazca Lines:

  • Nazca Lines Fountain Pen in CS Classic Green Acrylic
    Nazca Lines Fountain Pen in CS Classic Green Acrylic

Clipless Nazca:

  • Clipless Nazca Fountain Pen in Tobacco Marble Acrylic
    Clipless Nazca Fountain Pen in Tobacco Marble Acrylic

Clipless with Snake Band:

  • Clipless Nazca Fountain Pen in Red Mazzucchelli Acrylic with Snake Band
    Clipless Nazca Fountain Pen in Red Mazzucchelli Acrylic with Snake Band

Miscellaneous items:
I also offer a variety of hand-made pen-related items. Pen Props, pen cap Buttons, Pen and Ink Trays, Cufflinks, and Button Covers. Use a Pen Props to display a pen or temporarily raise the nib. Order in a pen-matching material or a wooden style in a variety of finishes. Cap Buttons are small pieces of cap jewelry you can add to a clipless pen to keep it from rolling. Use a Pen & Ink Trays to display your favorite pen and ink. Trays are available in several styles and in your choice of natural wood. Cufflinks and Button Covers are timeless favorites that dress up a shirt. Order them in pen-matching material.

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