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Mini / Pocket Pens

Call them mini pens or call them pocket pens. Either way, their small size makes them perfect for carrying in a pocket, knapsack or purse.


PFP stands for Pocket Fountain Pen. Originally, this pen was just an exercise to see if I could make a pen that was this small. Small enough to carry in a pocket, but then could be long enough to write with comfortably. Once I showed it around, it was so well received (and desired) that I decided to add it to my line-up permanently. Now it’s one of my most popular styles.

PFP Mini Fountain Pen in Rainbow Acrylic
PFP Mini Fountain Pen in Rainbow Acrylic


The Pnut is another pen that is small when not in use, but can be converted into a nice long pen for writing. You unscrew the long cap, then screw it onto the opposite end of the barrel. The small knob at the end is removed for filling, and the pen can be used with a cartridge or as an eyedropper.

JEBs Pnut Mini Fountain Pen in Stormy Night Acrylic
JEBs Pnut Mini Fountain Pen in Stormy Night Acrylic


The Rimo is similar to the PFP but has a few differences. First, of course are the obvious flat ends. Another is the cap threads. I originally designed it with threads on the Section like the Nanga. But some customers like it with the PFP style threads on the back of the section. So I’ll make it either way you prefer.

As I was designing it, I had a target length for the Rimo of 4″ capped, but that was just a little too short. It ended up a little longer, at about 4 1/4″ capped. The posted length is about 5 5/8″. The standard length Rimo comes with a #5 nib.

Rimo Mini Fountain Pen in Pink Ice Acrylic
Rimo Mini Fountain Pen in Pink Ice Acrylic

Miscellaneous items:
I also offer a variety of hand-made pen-related items. Pen Props, pen cap Buttons, Pen and Ink Trays, Cufflinks, and Button Covers. Use a Pen Props to display a pen or temporarily raise the nib. Order in a pen-matching material or a wooden style in a variety of finishes. Cap Buttons are small pieces of cap jewelry you can add to a clipless pen to keep it from rolling. Use a Pen & Ink Trays to display your favorite pen and ink. Trays are available in several styles and in your choice of natural wood. Cufflinks and Button Covers are timeless favorites that dress up a shirt. Order them in pen-matching material.

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If you need fountain pen maintenance help (cleaning, refilling, or general issues), please visit my “Fountain Pen Help Line” page. If you’re having a problem and can’t find a solution, use the contact form or send an email.

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