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  • Fancy Steel Jowo Nibs
    I usually use Jowo nibs in my fountain pens. I have a supplier that always has the tip sizes I need. But he only carries a few specific styles. So I’m always on the lookout for something different. A few weeks ago, I ran across a few new ones at… Read more: Fancy Steel Jowo Nibs
  • Discovering and using WordPress
    Discovering and using WordPress To build my new website, I decided to scrap my site editor and try something new. I had been using Dreamweaver for nearly 30 years, but this time decided to try WordPress ( Discovering and using WordPress is a mix of experiences. I wanted to try… Read more: Discovering and using WordPress
  • BCHR Fountain Pens
    BCHR Fountain Pens and more… One of my latest projects was trying to see if I could create pens with patterns that mimicked the old BCHR fountain pens. If you’re not familiar with the term, BCHR stands for Black Chased Hard Rubber. The ‘hard rubber‘ is the material. Today it’s… Read more: BCHR Fountain Pens
  • Vacumatic Inking System
    Vacumatic Inking System I found a great little one-piece piston mechanism that I can use to add a piston-style Vacumatic inking system to a fountain pen, much like the one used by the former Parker Pen Company. The system is compact, allowing it to be used in most any pen.… Read more: Vacumatic Inking System