JEB's PENs Clipless Lhotse fountain pen.
Clipless Lhotse
JEB's PENs Clipless Asgard fountain pen.
Clipless Asgard
JEB's PENs Clipless Solano fountain pen.
Clipless Solano
JEB's PENs Clipless Nanga fountain pen.
Clipless Nanga
JEB's PENs Nazca fountain pen.


JEB's PENs Kamet fountain pen.

Thanks for visiting JEB's PENs! I create a variety of custom pens and pencils: Fountain Pens, Ballpoints, Rollerballs, Clutch Pencils, Desk Pens, as well as a few other related items. My custom fountain pens are all turned by hand, as are the desk pens and a few rollerballs. There are no pre made parts other than the hardware & nibs. I also offer a variety of ballpoints, rollerballs and clutch pencils made from KIT's. These too can be special ordered.

If this is your FIRST TIME visiting the site with the NEW layout, I hope you'll find it easier to navigate and find all the items I have available-- that was my intent for making the change, so if you find anything troublesome, please let me know and I'll see if I can make it a little better.

There are TWO ways to navigate the site from the HOME PAGE (where you are now). The first is to click on the photo's that run along the sides and bottom of the page. These pens represent a sample of all my STANDARD styles of fountain pens. Click the photo's to see the styles specs as well as additional photo's showing other materials. However the photo's on this Home Page will only be shown on THIS page. But if you want to navigate using these photo's, you can easily get back to this page from any of the other pages by simply clicking the HOMEPAGE link that's at the top left of every page (under the "Member" links). This link will be on EVERY page. The second way to navigate the site is to click along the yellow DROP DOWN MENU that runs across the top of the page. The drop down menu contains links to all the fountain pens, and are categorized by their STYLES (i.e. clipless, single color, 2-tone, pens with bands, etc). And all the pens of a given style are grouped together. So the drop down menu should help make it easier to navigate the site if you're looking for a specific style of pen. The Drop Down menu will be on every page, as well as the HOMEPAGE link at the top left of the page. Just remember-- that link will always bring you back to this Home Page.

Although my emphasis is now mainly on fountain pens, as I mentioned earlier, I still make ballpoints, rollerballs and clutch pencils as well as a few other non-pen items (cuff links & button covers). All those are listed under the OTHER ITEMS tab in the drop down menu. I also added a few additional categories in order to cover all the various pen types and styles I have available. So click through the drop-down menu across the top to see a full list of the various categories and styles available.

How to Place an ORDER....
All my pens are made-to-order, so if you see a pen you like, or you're looking for someone to create something custom or unique that's just for you, please contact me with your request at <>. Most of the pens shown can be ordered as long as the material is still available. So send me an e-mail, and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. I can usually turn an order around in 2-3 weeks.

Please stop by often....
I'm constantly creating and posting new pen styles, so please stop by often to see my latest additions.

Thanks again for visiting, please come back again soon!


JEB's PENs Dhaulagiri fountain pen.
JEB's PENs JEB's Duro fountain pen.
JEB's Duro
JEB's PENs Manaslu fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Kea fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Nuptse fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Trivor fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Jannu fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Nazca Jr Midi fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Batura Midi fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Putha Midi fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Ngadi fountain pen.
Nazca Jr (Midi)
Batura (Midi)
Putha (Midi)
JEB's PENs Loa fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Kula Midi fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Mana Midi fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Dira Midi fountain pen.
JEB's PENs KaTu fountain pen.
Kula (Midi)
Mana (Midi)
Dira (Midi)
JEB's PENs PFP Pocket fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Pnut Pocket fountain pen.
JEB's PENs Rimo Pocket fountain pen.
PFP (Pocket)
Pnut (Pocket)
Rimo (Pocket)