Ballpoints ~ Euro / Designer Twist

Size: 5 3/4" long x .52" dia.
Refill Styles (depending on version): Cross™ or Parker™.
Matching Pencil Available: Yes (Designer NT).
Finishes available (depending on version):
Ecomony Gold, 24k Gold, Chrome, Gunmetal, Satin Gold, Satin Pearl and Copper.

This pen is known under two different names. The most commonly known name is Euro. But it's also sold under the name "Designer". The Euro is probably the most iconic of all the ballpoint styles. Most likely due to it's close resemblance to the famous Mont Blanc™ Meisterstëck 149 (the black pen with the white "snow cap" on the finial). The standard Euro/Designer comes with a straight clip, but it's also available with a working "roller" clip, as well as various Theme (cross, deer, rifle, bass, etc), and the Premium version has a Slot-style clip. The Designer also comes in a shorter "Mini" version. The Designer version is also available in Premium and NT versions that have upgraded hardware finishes with a lifetime warranty.


Hardware Finish Samples:

24k Gold
Satin Pearl
Brushed Satin
Brushed Satin
Letter Opener / Gold
Mini Designer / Gold


Just a Few Material Samples:

in 24k Gold w/straight clip
Birch wood
in 24k Gold w/roller clip
Veranda composite
in 24k Gold w/roller clip
Carmine Acrylic
in 24k Gold w/roller clip
Verde Acrylic
in 24k Gold w/roller clip
(solid) Light Blue Acrylic
in 24k Gold w/roller clip
(solid) Maroon Acrylic