Crimson Crushed Pearl™ Bulb-filler Fountain Pen

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I also made this same style pen in an acrylic called "Faux Casein".
You can view photo of that pen here: Faux Casein Bulb Filler

Bulb-Filler Features:

Ink Filling System...
As stated on the main page, these pens incorporate a "Bulb" filling system that consists of a bulb that's used to fill the pen with ink and a "breather tube" that allows the ink resevior to completely fill with ink.

Removable grip section...
In order to make it easier for cleaning and ink removal, rather than sealing both end of the barrel (by permanently gluing in both the bulb nipple and the grip section), I opted to used an O-ring system to seal the grip-section to the barrel (the bulb nipple is glued in place). The grip section can be removed just as on a staindard c/c pen.

Double/Stepped Threads...
One unusual feature on this pen is the double or stepped threads on the grip-section and blind cap (seen with the grip-section and blind cap removed). For this pen style, I wanted to mirror the cap and barrel sections. So in order to keep the round "barrel" shape on the body section as is on the cap, I made both the grip-section and blind cap with double or stepped threads (which ever you may wish to call them). It has one small set that screws them into the barrel section, then the larger exposed threads used for capping or posting the cap.

Accent Rings...
Other features on this pen is is the gold metal accent rings at the base of the cap threads on the grip-section and blind cap (separating the stepped threads), and then a larger matching ring incorporated into the finial above the clip.

"Ink-peek" Window...
Another feature on this pen is what I call an "Ink-peek" window. It's a clear round window on the barrel section that allows you to monitor the ink level. While most pens of this type have a full window wrapped all the way around that typically breaks up the pattern, this one has just two circular windows. This allows the material to be the showcase on the pen instead of the ink window.

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: Crimson Crushed Pearl™.
Length: Capped = 6 3/8 " / Uncapped = 5 7/8" /
Posted = 6 3/8" / Cap only = 2 1/2".
Diameter: Barrel = .60" / Cap = .60.
Weight: Capped/Posted = 22 gm / Uncapped = 13.6 gm.
Nib: 2-tone steel #6 Meister.
Filling System: Bulb-filler.