Vertex Ballpoint Pen
Features 'Hex' style cap and tip sections.

The VERTEX is available in TWo different styles. One in a classic CLICK style, the other is a rollerball and uses a unique MAGNETIC CAP (see ROLLERBALLS for details). The click ballpoint uses a PARKER refill, and is available in four finishes: 24k Gold, Chrome and Gunmetal and Brushed Satin.

Vertex CLICK
Size: 5 5/8" long x .52" dia.
Refill Style:
Available in the following finishes: 24k Gold, Chrome, BlackTN.

The pen style uses a unique MAGNETIC CAPsold under two different names: TRIMLINE and SATURN. Trimline was the original name, but some suppliers named it SATURN. It was named because it was a still a slim pen, but just a little thicnker than the SLIMLINE. The pen is a TWIST style with a CROSS refill, and is available in three finishes: 24k Gold, Chrome and BlackTN.

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Black TN &
Bocote (wood)
Chrome &
Lava Meganite Acrylic