Kamet Custom Fountain Pen - in Blue & Silver Matrix Acrylic.

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Blue Matrix Kamet (capped) Blue Matrix Kamet (uncapped) Blue Matrix Kamet (close-up)  

Blue Matrix Kamet (close-up-2)
Blue Matrix Kamet (finial band)
Blue Matrix Kamet (blind-cap band)


bout the Name:
The Kamet is named after MOUNT KAMET, the second highest mountain in Garhwal region of India, and the highest summit in Zaskar region, which lies north of the main chain of the Himalaya. Kamet is the third highest mountain in it's (Indian controlled) territory and is rank the 29th highest in the world. In appearance it resembles a giant pyramid topped by a flat summit area with two peaks.

About the Kamet:
The most prominent feature of the Kamet is the two-tone color design. It's a great style that you can use with your imagination to come up with a unique color combination. The pen is about 6" long capped, and 5.25" uncapped. It has a slightly larger diameter cap (compared to the barrel) and a flat finial. It comes with a #6 nib that is available in a variety of finishes and tip sizes in both steel and gold (inquire for current availability of sizes). The clip is also available in a variety of finishes so it can be coordinated with your material or nib finish. The Kamet can be ordered to be used as a c/c, eyedropper, or button filler.

Kamet Options and Upgrades:
The Kamet is another pen style that allows for a few upgrades and options. You could add metal accent bands to the section, finial, or base of the cap. You could also add a blind-cap with a band to the end of the barrel. The accent bands are available in several finishes (24k gold, nickel or Rhodium, and come in a variety of diameters with widths from 1 to 4mm (in 1mm increments). As stated above, you can also upgrade your pen with a 14k or 18k gold nib.

Inking system upgrades... The secondary color on the end of the barrel is installed with a blind-cap, so the Kamet is all set for easily adding a button-filler upgrade-- you could even order it as a standard c/c, then upgrade it later if you like. You could also upgrade it to a PISTON-filler (however that upgrade could not be added later because it requir a different internal setup).

I also offer a variety of hand-made Pen Props and Pen Buttons. You can order a Pen Prop in a material to match your pen, or any one of the wooden styles made in a variety of stained or dyed colors. The Pen Buttons are available for any of the clipless pens.

About this Pen:

This pen was one of the first pens I made using the metal accent bands on the cap. On manufactured pens, the bands are usually installed with a method called "Swagging". Swagging is where the band is compressed into a groove. Swagging is only possible if the band is very thin, and just large enough to slip over the part. If it's too big, you have too much metal to compress, so all you end up doing is bending up the band. Unfortunately, these bands weren't large enough to fit over the parts, for even attempt swagging. They were also too thick, so they metal couldn't be compressed anyway. So I install the cap bands using a TENON on the lower section that matches the ID of the band, with the inside of the main section drilled to match. Once the parts are turned to size, sanded and polished, the band is slipped over the tenon, and the lower section is glued in place.

The bands and clip are all matching silver plated. The silver areas in the material pattern match the color of the silver plating. The main center section of the cap was sized so that it perfectly framed the clip. As are the height of the black sections top and bottom.

About this Material:
This material is called "Blue-Silver Matrix". It's called because of the unique pattern. As you look at it, you might wonder how the pattern was made. It couldn't have been made in the usual "pouring method of making pen blanks. I actually stumbled across how it was made when I noticed I had some other blanks that had the exact same color layering. Then I realized the pattern wasn't as complex than I though. Rather than making it from a bunch of very small square SOLID colors, the pattern is created by first making a STRIATED blank. A striated blank has the colors running straight down the full length of the blank (like the material used for the "Meringue" Lhotse here). Once that blank is made, the blank is cut up into short pieces (like dicing a carrot). The the pieces are jumbled up and stacked back together again then fused into a sold piece again. The process creates a very unique pattern. The company that makes them eventually came out with a whole series of more than two dozen color combinations. So if you like the pattern, but would like a different color combination, it's likely they make it. So contact me and I'll see if I can find it for you.

This Pen's Specifications:
Color / Material: Blue-Silver Matrix and Solid Black Acrylics.
Length - Capped 6.375" / Uncapped 5.60".
Diameter - Barrel .562" / Cap .60.
Weight (w/o ink): Capped 25.6 gms / Uncapped 11.1 gms.
Nib - Polished Steel Meister #6.
Clip: Silver plated Diane.
Accent Bands: Silver plated.
Filling System: C/C.
Also available as a Button or Piston filler.